23 March 2009

Baltimore Violence, The Family Impact

ANOTHER Baltimore Shooting -- Behind The Scenes Look from MacArthur Media.

**SPECIAL NOTE** Video contains highly emotional, potentially disturbing sound and visuals. The crying heard in the video actually took place continuously for many hours. It being continuously heard in this short clip is by no means exaggeration. Chilling and disturbing yes. A glimpse of reality in Baltimore, for sure! I have been in touch with the family of Martie Williams Jr., even prior to the event. The production and release of this video was done with the full knowledge and support of his family.

With apologies to the family, the name Martie was misspelled in our haste to finish production and release the video to help get the story out, per your wishes. Your cooperation and accessibility has been truly appreciated and I too grieve along with you. This loss, like any loss of human life is a tragedy. -- A.F. James MacArthur, Executive Producer

Final Day Of The Baltimore Spectator


They say all good things must come to an end, and sadly, for this little project, we may find now find ourselves at that very place. For some of you, this announcement will be met with great joy. Governor Martin O'Malley, his buddy Congressman Frank Kratovil, Mayor Sheila Dixon, Police Commissioner Frederick Bealefeld III, and for sure police PR man Anthony Guglielmi , all make up the throng of those probably breathing a sigh of relief upon learning this news.

We should not forget the idiotic jackasses at the Baltimore Sun, no, not everyone there fit this category (Justin, you know I love you buddy), but the ones who permitted my continual harassment, banning, and censorship on their so called "news" talk forum have definitely got to be placed near the top. For indeed, in the print publication, the online version, and the talk forum they maintain, The Baltimore Sun, in my opinion has shown a gross disconnect with the majority of the people of Baltimore. Many of their pieces lack depth, are written in a patronizing condescending manner, particularly towards the majority black population of Baltimore (seems we're always portrayed as either victim, or criminal), and overall, I feel much of what they do continues to take Baltimore in the wrong direction. One example, the incessant need to mention the so called criminal history of a person recently killed.

Others of you, perhaps a small few, may actually be saddened by this news. For you, the faithful reader and quiet supporter, a fan of the unique brand of citizen/activist journalism and "new media" I tried to bring to Baltimore, I will attempt to tell the story with a further of detail, but bear with me. This is not easy, and it's gonna take some time. The story will be updated throughout the rest of the day.

Typically whenever a story of note or what I deemed high importance was published on The Baltimore Spectator, numerous email alerts and were sent out. Not today! The amount of speculation as to my motivations and the driving force behind this project has been quite amusing. Was it because I wanted to annoy people? No, certainly not. Some have suggested that I am a self important person, and I think everything centers around me. To those, my thoughts are few. If you truly couldn't see what I was trying to do for the people of Baltimore, then maybe you, and many others like you are more blind than I thought. If Baltimore is populated by a bunch of people like you, who lack intellectual depth perception and the ability to critically analyze, then I say; no wonder this place is as screwed up as it is. Oh, and trust me, I LOVE BALTIMORE, but this placed is messed up! If you deny this, then you are; A BIG PART OF THE PROBLEM.

Before I close for now, there is something else I should say. To my enemies, and those who despised my presence and unique brand of journalism, don't let out that big sigh of relief just yet.

Developing . . .

22 March 2009

-=SPECTATOR RADIO=- Sunday Night Live! 9:00 PM

First Of A Special Two Part Presentation

Drug legalization. Has the time come to explore ending prohibition in Baltimore?

Also, Murder, Mayhem And Madness. Is Baltimore The Land Of Confusion?


CALL (347) 215-6958

Listener participation and call in heavily encouraged. Tell your friends. This is an all ages discussion.

Visit the show's homepage. You can even click "REMIND" to be emailed a reminder of upcoming shows.

BREAKING: Tragedy Strikes The Spectator Family

Family Member Of Larry "The Celebrity" Cab Driver Shot, Dead

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO FROM SCENE OF SHOOTING -- *WARNING* NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART -- To those wondering, the woman cried that way for hours. All night to be exact. We did not have footage of the whole night, but honestly, the crying never stopped. -- Directly from Larry who was there on scene for hours.

UPDATE: 1254 hrs FINALLY, some mainstream exposure, ABC2 checks in..

UPDATE: 1030, Just spoke with Larry, he says he's thankful that we're running the story, and sorely disappointed no one else in town seems to care. It's a sad day for Baltimore when someone get's killed and it's no longer news.

UPDATE: 1022, STILL no coverage on Baltimore Sun. A MAN WAS SHOT IN THE HEAD LAST NIGHT HELLLLLLOOOOOO!!!!!!! What a joke for news. Go ahead and ban me all you like Baltimore Sun!

0445 hrs., no mention on Baltimore Sun website, Terps Basketball dominates front page ;-(

**EXCLUSIVE UPDATE** -- VICTIM NAMED. With great sadness I must inform you of the shooting death of Martie Williams Jr., a young man, early 20's, a relative of my on air co-host, Larry "The Celebrity" Cab driver. The shooting occurred around 9:00PM Saturday night. Information is spotty right now. Officers on the scene refused to speak to us, and the Public Information Officer has not responded. Stay tuned to the Baltimore Spectator as we do our best to keep you informed on a situation that sadly, has hit way too close to home.

Larry, hang in there, we'll all say a prayer for you and your family. -- A.F. James MacArthur & T.R. Mencken


21 March 2009

Chimp Attack Update -- Prior Warning Existed

Biologist Wrote Two Page Memo Warning Of Imminent Danger
The violent chimp attack in Stamford Connecticut could have been prevented a DEP biologist wrote a two page memo in October warning the 200 pound chimpanzee which mauled a woman last month. The ape could seriously injure someone if it felt threatened however the memo made no specific mention of violent incidents involving the animal. Charlie Nash was critically injured when her friend's pet chimp attack terror."

Also see:

SICK! Chimp Owner Had Strange Relationship

UPDATED: Chimp Attack Update -- Family Sues For $50 Million

Ape Had Known History Of Violence

Top Stories/Most Popular Recent Postings

BALTIMORONS! Secret Service Vehicle Towed By Baltimore City

Jenna Bush's Secret Service Limo Ticketed, Booted, & Towed

So just how dumb, stupid and misguided is Baltimore's whole entire parking enforcement system? If you didn't think the system needed top down, house cleaning, wall to wall reform, this should change your mind. What a bunch of morons, Baltimorons.

Mayor Dixon, please, please, please fix this. We're about to be the laughing stock of the country
once again. InvestigativeVoice.com reports.
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PHONY: Baltimore Sun; Censorship, Insincerity & Suppression

The BodyMore Chronicles

AGAIN: Three Shot Outside House, Northeast Baltimore

UPDATED: Police Seek Help, Bicyclist Struck, Hit & Run!

Open Letter To Governor O'Malley

A Retired Teacher's Thoughts On Education -- Baltimore Sun Refused To Print

In case anyone is wondering why I've developed such a great disdain for The Baltimore Sun, the letter linked below should help you out a little. In an open, free, and democratic society, voices of dissent and opposition are necessary in maintaining balance and integrity. Ever notice how infrequently you'll ever see a headline or a piece critical of Governor O'Malley in The Baltimore Sun? With only one paper in town, we should see at least an attempt at being fair and balanced.

Here is a letter from a World War II veteran, they refused to print;


Quadruple Shooting -- Arrest Made

Our friends at ABC2 News reports there's been an arrest made related to a quadruple shooting last month in the city.

The Spectator still wants to know, is this level of routine violence common anywhere else in this country? A third world country yes, but in the United States of America? Also on that note, we're still wondering, and waiting for an explanation from The Baltimore Sun on why they killed my Violence Reduction Symposium letter and ensuing discussions off their site? If they go under completely and something else replaces them, it'll be a victory for Baltimore.

By the way, we're not holding our breath either. We know old media is slow to move, and is generally unresponsive to the wants and desires of the public. Too bad the public is who their audience is. Now wonder readership continues to drop. Light to all.... YEAH RIGHT!

Crab Eaters Panic -- Newspapers Dying!

With Less Readers, Few Uses Left For Newspapers

by A.F. James MacArthur, Managing Editor

Now before my friends, or perhaps now former friends get even more upset with me (see Phony Baltimore Sun),
you need to put on your analytical thinking cap and clearly grasp what is being said.

Although entire newspapers have gone 100% bankrupt, many closing their doors for ever, we are not suggesting that newspapers as a business will go away.


What's being said, and missed by so many. Those who've entrenched themselves so deep in defensive mode, they'd need a periscope to view the outside world are so caught up, they can't see what the rest of us do. The actual paper your print your news on, this will soon be all but gone.

Space does not permit me to go into a full cost benefit analysis. A few simple points can be made though. One, paper and it's costs are a fluctuating commodity. Much like gas, it's now nearly impossible to long term budget, because no one knows what the price of tea in China will be tomorrow. Speaking of gas, it takes a lot of it, and diesel also, to get those newspapers all over the place everyday. Can anyone say, E X P E N S I V E ?

So while those trucks are rumbling down the road, spewing greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, carrying around those rain forest depleting dead trees, change happens. By the time your papers reach their destination, the world has already changed since the stories were submitted for deadline. Put simply, it's already YESTERDAY'S NEWS.

Championing the rise of new media is not to suggest, the old companies are no longer needed. Those of us early adopters to fully integrated multi-media, new media platforms, just understand that the times are changing. The thought of using stimulus dollars to prop up a dying, environmentally destructive, financially inefficient business model is frightening and irresponsible.

Instead of pumping blood transfusions into a a nearly lifeless corpse, shouldn't we also be seriously considering reconstructive surgery? Lastly, I offer a couple analogies. In the forest (there's those trees again), the old stalwart hardwoods eventually must die. It is a cycle of nature, unavoidable and utterly inevitable. This is necessary to let the sun (yes pun intended) shine through to the newer younger growth hidden beneath the canopy. Be it natural death of old age, or the eventual forest fire cycle, nature has it's ways of ushering out the old, and bringing in the new.

The change is coming whether we like it or not. A choice can be made to stubbornly resist it and stand in front, or get on board and surf (the web) the wave, harnessing it's energy for rapid forward propulsion. If we were on the North Shore of Oahu, would you rather surf the big waves, or just stand there and get flattened as the water crashes over you?

OH NO!!! Cocaine Shortage!

After Winter, No More Snow

An anonymous drug dealer says he used to clock $20,000 on a good day hustling, but now is studying for his GED, because the game is no longer profitable enough. Bet you didn't know the region may currently be experiencing a shortage of the white stuff. Whatever will we do? Will the dealers start taking up second jobs?

BIG BROTHER: Support A Third Party Candidate, You Could Be A Terrorist


BRAVE NEW WORLD: Soldiers Police Southern Town

They Don't Get It -- Congress Floods YouTube With Garbage

Marine Rape, Victim Changed Mind

Baltimore Police; Misconduct Known Across The Country

20 March 2009

A More Bike Friendly Baltimore

On-Street Bike Parking Open In Charles Village

VIDEO EXTRA -- Mayor Dixon loves riding bikes, check out the strange ending

(top, Mayor Sheila Dixon pedals from City Hall to Charles Village, below, Dixon announces new on-street bike parking)

Story, photos and video by A.F. James MacArthur, Managing Editor (EARLY DRAFT -- photos and video coming soon, see note below)

Mayor Sheila Dixon along with government and elected officials proudly launched a series of bicycling events today to help resident take advantage of resources available in the city. The Mayor was joined by Transportation Director Al Foxx and local sustainability advocates and exercise enthusiasts, including member of the group One Less Car.

An existing car parking space was converted to accommodate parking for 10 to 12 bicycles. The move is intended to unclutter sidewalks, while at the same time improve pedestrian safety and increase bicycle security by emphasizing visibility.

The Mayor, an avid cyclist, said "The development of this bike facility is a small step toward making Baltimore a healthier, more bike friendly and sustainable city. Citizens no longer have to be concerned about having a place to park when riding their bikes."

Without any notes, Dixon rattled off the names of numerous local merchants in the Charles Village area, adding she knows the stores because she likes the area, and shops there regularly because buying locally is good for the economy.

Mayor Dixon also said there are plans to create more on-street bike parking throughout other communities in Baltimore.

More information on upcoming bicycle and fitness events can be found at www.BeFitBaltimore.com The Baltimore Spectator, in partnership with the Mayor's office will also highlight and promote a number of the events.
A life long bicyclist, A.F. James MacArthur used to pedal up to 300 miles a week. As a pre-teen, MacArthur trained for triathlons long before they become commonly known and a household word. MacArthur once trained to bike across the United States. These days due to crushing work load, MacArthur bemoans his steadily expanding waistline and longs to spend more time on his bike, hopefully one day joining in with Mayor Dixon on her weekly ride.

In the effort of getting information out as quickly as possible, we often put up unfinished, rough draft pieces. This is not a nod to unprofessionalism, but rather a move of bringing you the reader, into the process. With a small, unpaid staff, we couldn't possibly catch everything. Your edits and suggestions help us deliver the finished product. A big part of new media is audience participation. No longer does the reader/viewer have to settle with just sitting there. It's like being brought right into the newsroom. Be part of the process. From commenting directly beneath an article, to emailing us a re-write or correction, we welcome and appreciate your input, as we boldly progress in this experiment of bringing you and independent and alternative voice.


What's Up Baltimore air's Sundays at 9:00PM, and Thursday at 9:00PM on the BlogTalkRadio network. Listen live from anywhere, and call in speak up and be heard. The show is hosted by A.F. James MacArthur, Managing Editor of The Baltimore Spectator. Listen to MacArthur, often joined by co-host Larry "The Celebrity" Cab Driver, and a host of special invited guests. Check out the newly redesigned show homepage.


BALTIMORONS! Secret Service Vehicle Towed By Baltimore City

Jenna Bush's Secret Service Limo Ticketed, Booted, & Towed

So just how dumb, stupid and misguided is Baltimore's whole entire parking enforcement system? If you didn't think the system needed top down, house cleaning, wall to wall reform, this should change your mind. What a bunch of morons, Baltimorons.

Mayor Dixon, please, please, please fix this. We're about to be the laughing stock of the country once again. InvestigativeVoice.com reports.

PHONY: Baltimore Sun; Censorship, Insincerity & Suppression

by A.F. James MacArthur, Managing Editor,
(REVISED -- be part of the process, email suggestions or corrections, or use the comments link below article)

A.F. James MacArthur with Baltimore Police Commissioner Frederick Bealefeld III. After an interview near police headquarters.

UPDATED: After running this piece, The Baltimore Sun reacts by banning The Baltimore Spectator from their talk forum.

So a certain editor of a certain news site introduced the idea of a Violence Reduction/Prevention Symposium. An open letter was sent to Mayor Dixon to which we got a response. In attempting to get further discussion going, the author posted the letter on the "local news" discussion forum of the Baltimore Sun's online website.

A healthy discussion with good constructive ideas began to flow. Several retired and active members of law enforcement chimed in with their thoughts on how to combat Baltimore's out of control crime. A few chronic complainers also checked in. Rather then put the complainers in their place and allow a good free flow of thoughts and ideas to continue, The Baltimore Sun staff pulled the plug on the discussion and deleted the entire thread and attached conversations.

Readers, I submit to you, with all of the excellent crime reporting we see at times in the pages of the Baltimore Sun, why then, if there were true concerns for the community, why would a constructive discussion be killed?

Unfortunately we live in a one newspaper town. The Baltimore Sun is the most dominant and largest media presence in Baltimore. As an admitted news junkie, I, and so many others, are forced to rely upon them to stay informed. In a busy city such as Baltimore, no one site, no one reporter, no one venue can possibly cover all that is going on. At least not with any depth and comprehensiveness.

My love hate relationship with our quirky little daily paper shall continue. My questions to the sincerity and motives of their reporting shall also continue. I love newspapers, but is it any wonder their days are numbered and they're dying off faster than fruit flies?

Space does not allow me to go into details. Search online and check out how many news papers have gone bankrupt, slashed staff, ceased from existing, and others barely hanging on. Find out how many have switched to all online formats, thereby no longer being a newsPAPER.

New Media will boldly march on into the future, but we can't do it alone. In a mission of "Truth To The Masses," we need all hands on deck. That includes you Baltimore Sun.
Peter Hermann and Justin Fenton are two of the primary crime reporters of The Baltimore S
un. Their work has often been cited in pieces seen at The Baltimore Spectator.


Prime Minister Gordon Brown Checks In With The Spectator

"BTW, the Czech presidency branded carpet at EU Council venue induced a technicolour alphabet-soup headache." See at http://tinyurl.com/cg97yd "the EU loan to IMF is $100 billion (dollars, not euros). It was hot in that briefing room, not to mention that carpet." -- British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

The Editors of The Baltimore Spectator wishes to sincerely thank British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, for keeping us up to date on matters on the other side of the pond. Also, thanks to all of the people of England who regularly visit our site. Spread the word!
The Baltimore Spectator On Twitter

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BREAKING: Child Shot In East Baltimore

No no no. Not the children. Baltimore violence continues. This has been a busy week. Now ABC2 news tells us of the latest episode of The BodyMore Chronicles.

BGE Complaints Double, PSC Swamped

Busy Gouging Everyone

“Our calls are up 100% from this time last year. We have 10 people in the OER [Office of External Affairs] dept. and are hiring two more on a contractual basis. We are State Government and have a lean staff,” Gatzke wrote in an e-mail to investigative reporter Stephen Janis.

On my show last night, SPEAK UP!, we dedicated nearly the whole hour to BGE. It was probably one of the most informative and interesting shows I've ever done. Give it a listen.

The color green you see in the official BGE logo has nothing to do with the environment. From what we see, it has everything to do with GREED. Greed and gouging. Today we learn from InvestigativeVoice.com the supposed regulators, Maryland Public Service Commission, have received twice as many complaints disputing jacked up bills than the same time last year. Hmmmmm....

NOT AGAIN: Body Found Floating In Harbor

Can we go a week without finding a random dead body? Oh yeah, I forgot, "overall violent crime is down."

Baltimore city police and fire department investigators examine a body that fire department personnel pulled from the Inner Harbor Thursday. The body is shown by the dragon boats near Pratt Street. (Jeff Clark/Special to The Baltimore Sun / March 19, 2009)

19 March 2009

Top Stories/Most Popular Recent Postings

Citizen Spectators Wanted/Notes From City Council

The BodyMore Chronicles -- Comments From A Cop!

Chimp Attack Update -- Family Sues For $50 Million

Bicyclist Struck, Hit & Run!

SICK! Chimp Owner Had Strange Relationship

21 March -- Latest Update -- Prior Warning ExistedUPDATED: Chimp Attack Update -- Family Sues For $50 Million

Ape Had Known History Of Violence

UPDATED: Bicyclist Struck, Hit & Run!

Baltimore County Police Seeking Witnesses


A man riding a bicycle was struck by a pickup truck on Woodlawn Drive near Security Blvd, directly across from Antwerpin Nissan car dealership. It happened around 5:08PM. The man was transported to Shock Trauma, his exact condition is unknown. Woodlawn Dr. is partially shutdown at Security Blvd. while Baltimore County Police continue to investigate.

Anyone with information is asked to call 410-887-5396

ABC2 NEWS also covered it and had feet on the ground there. Sometimes it's not just about a having a helicopter overhead. The two pictures above taken by managing editor A.F. James MacArthur were featured in the story (thanks Kelly).


UPDATED: The BodyMore Chronicles -- Comments From A Cop!

Bodymore Murderland! -- The Saga Continues

This week has been so bloody and violent, the poor ole Baltimore Spectator has not been able to keep up. Help us out, tell us what we missed.

Two triple shootings in three days, including two teenagers.

On Monday, an 18-year-old man was shot in the back in the 1700 block of E. North Ave. around 9 a.m. Monday. He was driven from the shooting scene to Johns Hopkins Hospital.

A man found stabbed to death in his car today.

Yesterday a body was found in a vacant row house.

At this rate, you could practically trip and fall over the bodies on a walk from Towson to the inner harbor. Houston, we got a problem. I'm a afraid things may be too far gone, and the only solution might be a ticket to the moon.

Since the original writing, ANOTHER triple shooting.

Today (Friday) a young child was shot!


The Baltimore Spectator spoke with veteran retired Baltimore Police Captain Jerry "Buz" Busnuk; here are his remarks;

Those numbers are only the ones the press has learned about; I wouldn't be surprised that there were a fair number of other violent acts, including robberies, that we generally don't know about. The city's website has about a 2-week lag in its postings. (For a while over the winter, they apparently weren't updating at all because a key employee had left).

I can tell you that while attending many community meetings in the past, as a sergeant in the Southwest, and a Captain in the Northwest, neighborhood people and leaders invariably worried about the coming of the first warm weather--and its attendant violence potential. There's a lot of street action when it gets to be above 65, a lot of hanging out, acting out and hollering and stuff. A lot more strutting and posturing outside, and drinking, and people pushing their limits with other people: till they find someone who doesn't like to be pushed.

Last weekend was pretty warm and one of my correspondents reported that there was a "pseudo-riot" at closing time at Iguana Cantina/Power Plant live area. That often happens at closing time in the heavy bar areas. [Sensible people head for home about 1am; people looking for excitement hang around to watch the fights and other action.]
It's like people feel they have to just bust out!

It sounds like these triple shootings were targeted as a result of either: a particular personal beef or, a continuation of the organized-crime connected killings related to Baltimore's own private civil war--covering about 4 square miles of the city. We don't have enough information at this time. I'm sure the Commish and his crew are concerned. The City Paper has done a lot of good reporting on the the violence to capture part of the city's lucrative drug markets, particularly the bizarre events surrounding the kidnapping of two brothers in Catonsville last year.

Oh, and usually Thursday night is when it starts getting busy for the weekend.
You can visit Captain Busnuk's website at www.buzoncrime.com.
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Violence Reduction Symposium -- Open Letter To Mayor Sheila Dixon

To The Honorable Mayor Sheila Dixon,

So far this week Baltimore City has seen nine shootings, including several teenagers, a stabbing, a dead body found in a vacant house, and who knows what else has not yet been discovered or reported. While we support Commissioner Bealefeld and the hard working men and women of the Baltimore Police Department, we also support the notion of good ideas not being limited to government.

I would like to propose a Violence Reduction & Prevention Symposium and work group. Baltimore city is blessed with some of the most brilliant minds in academia. It is now high time to assemble this brain trust, and tap into their collective wisdom to figure out where to go from here. Yes, progress has been made, but we are also taking a huge step back, and before you know it, we will have ended up right where we started. In a bloody and violent city where the majority of young people have no hope, and fear they will not live to see adulthood (yes it's true, talk to enough of them and you get a sense of this).

No more should Baltimore bear the brunt of shame disgrace on the national and international scene. If we are truly serious about turning things around, new and innovative steps must be taken. I envision multiple facets to the symposium including, an assembled body of professionals i.e. professors, retired and active law enforcement experts (not limited to our area, there are smart people elsewhere too), and public testimony and commentary, particularly from our endangered youth. In the end, a review of current strategy and adjustments, changes and recommendations should be the result.

Please let me know if this idea sounds feasible to you. I am making myself available as a volunteer to be used in any manner, whether publicity, promotion or planning, to help this effort.

Thank you for reading and thank you for your time.

God Bless Mayor Sheila Dixon

Most Sincerely;

A.F. James MacArthur

City Resident

Managing Editor/Co-Founder
The Baltimore Spectator

Executive Producer/Co host
Taxi Talk Radio - daily on 1010AM WOLB

Sunday Night Live! (Radio show)

SPEAK UP! Thursday nights (radio show)

What's Up Baltimore - WebTV series

AGAIN: Three Shot Outside House, Northeast Baltimore

Third Triple Shooting Of The Week

4500 block of Marble Hall Road in the city's Northwood neighborhood

So BPD, what was that you were saying about non-fatal shootings going down?. The streets heard you, and they are intent of not allowing the title of BodyMore, Murderland to be lost.

Three men ages 19, 20 and 33 were all drinking in the Northwood neighborhood last night. A car pulled up and someone inside it fired several shots from a gun then the vehicle fled the scene. One man was shot in the hand, and the other two were struck in the leg and foot. Not much is known, which of course is typical for these incidents in this city.

Anyone with information is asked to call the district's detective unit at 410-396-2444.


Bodymore Murderland! -- Saga Continues

KKK Police May Be Suspended

FLASHBACK: Our original video released last Friday boldly stated that there are members of The Baltimore Police secretly belonging to the Ku Klux Klan.

Two Bodies Found In Burning Car -- Linked To Seperate Double Homicide

In a strange case out of Prince George's county, we learn of two women, 42-year-old Delores Renee Dewitt and her 19-year-old daughter Ebony, mother and daughter, found dead in a burning car. Authorities say there may be a link to a totally separate double homicide.

The two were found within a half mile of where 45-year-old Karen and 16-year-old Karissa Lofton, who were fatally shot in their home in January.

Prince George's County Police have formed a task force and detectives are seeking leads. A $25,000 reward is being offered for information leading to arrests in both cases.

Since my days on patrolling some of the most dangerous zip codes in the world, whenever I see a car on fire, and I've seen plenty, my first thought; is there a body inside? Below is an actual car fire. Early one morning in Baltimore I captured it with my cell. The firemen and police are there because I called them.

SPIRITED PROTEST - Thousands Rally Against Government

A big American city has several thousand converge in angry protest, and you probably never even heard about it. The last thing the "powers that be" want is word of the coming revolution to spread. The American people are angry and disappointed, and their voices will be heard.

18 March 2009

RIPOFF! BGE Lies Exposed

Also: -- Tell Us Your BGE Horror Story

UPDATED: Chimp Attack Update -- Family Sues For $50 Million

21 March -- Latest Update -- Prior Warning Existed

Ape Had Known History Of Violence

Racial Profiling, Still An Issue? Still Happening?

Has it happened to you? Do you have a story? Is it still happening or a thing of the past? The Baltimore Spectator wants to know. Email or use comment form.

UPDATED: Chimp Attack Update -- Family Sues For $50 Million

21 March -- Latest Update -- Prior Warning Existed

Ape Had Known History Of Violence


As Charla Nash lies heavily sedated in the Cleveland Clinic with severe injuries sustained in a chimpanzee attack, her lawyers filed a $50 million lawsuit against the woman who owned the 200-pound chimp that mauled Nash's face and hands.

Danbury Times reports.



Chimp Attack Update -- Victim Could Die

Last One: No More Monkey Posts. . .

Monkey: Chimp Attack Victim Speaks Out!

Holy Ape Sh*t! -- Chimp Attack Victim Clinging To Life

Is This Cartoon Racist?

Half Woman Half Ape???

UPDATE: Monkey Attacks Woman -- 911 Tapes Released -- Hear Audio

Original Story: Monkey Tuesday! Chimp Bites Woman, Police Kill Chimp

• Feb. 17: Police kill pet chimpanzee after it mauls woman (Associated Press)

• Feb. 19: Medics describe horror of attack (Associated Press)

• Feb. 19: Chimp-attack woman admitted to Clinic (Plain Dealer)

• Feb. 24: Victim's brother prepares for lawsuit (WFSB-TV)

• Feb. 25: Jane Goodall comments on chimps in human settings (Los Angeles Times)

• March 1: Chimp's "mom" tells her story (Hartford Courant)

• Slideshow: Travis the chimp and its owner (Hartford Courant)

UPDATED: Three Shot, Two Die -- North Baltimore

TWO VICTIMS DIED... developing...

Second Triple Shooting In Three Days

Three men were reported shot last night in the 2900 block of Greenmount Ave. Apparently the incident happened inside a fast food carryout. At this writing, the victims are reported to be injured but have so far survived the shootings.

Inquiries to the Baltimore Police Department have yielded few details. No motives or suspects have been revealed.

The shooting marks the second triple shooting in three days.


SUNDAY: Three People, Including Two Teenagers Shot!

BACK TO NORMAL: 4 Shot On Baltimore Street

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Global Warming -- A Sham? New Study

Scientists Claim Earth Is Undergoing Natural Climate Shift

The bitter cold and record snowfalls from two wicked winters are causing people to ask if the global climate is truly changing.The climate is known to be variable and, in recent years, more scientific thought and research has been focused on the global temperature and how humanity might be influencing it.However, a new study by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee could turn the climate change world upside down. (read more)

17 March 2009

BPD - A Police Department In Turmoil

We don't need cops forcing other cops to view objectionable Web sites, for fear that what they do behind office doors reflects how they handle themselves in public. But that's grown men with guns playing college frat house games. We certainly don't need cops playing text-message games with citizens who are wanted on charges involving violence. Read more at Peter Hermann's blog on The Baltimore Sun.

City Under Seige -- Hassan Giordan Opines

Citizen Spectators Wanted/Notes From City Council

UPDATE: Charm City Roller Girls Flock To Site
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Rawlings-Blake A Charm City Roller Girl?

As usual there was a lot going on at last night's weekly city council meeting. While we wish to increase civil awareness., it is impossible for one reporter to cover in detail the many and varied issues brought up at these meetings. Quite frankly, let it be officially known, we are openly seeking "citizen spectators." Volunteers, who as time enables, can attend various city government functions and meetings in areas of interest to them, and write a simple summary report and maybe take a few photos or video.


If you weren't at the meeting last night, you probably don't know that Baltimore's own President of The City Council, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, openly declared to all in attendance at City Hall, that she is contemplating joining up with nationally famous Charm City Roller Girls! Now that I'd pay money to see. Of course, in a town with a lack of a comprehensive media, this was not reported anywhere except here. Oh, and did I mention today is her birthday. Happy Birthday Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

In joining the roller league, she would be in fine company with previous council member politician/athletes.
Former council member now mayor Sheila Dixon is a 3rd degree black belt, an avid bicyclist, and from what I hear, a boxer with a mean right hook, look out opposition! Former council member, then mayor, now Governor of Maryland Martin O'Malley pumps iron with a vengeance. Trust me, I've seen it with my own eyes.

We already know Madame President has a bit of a sporting side. Last September 11th, Rawlings-Blake along with a host of others from city government (see photo), and even yours truly, participated in a 5K Run/Walk to raise money for police and fire charities. I regretfully report to you, Baltimore Police Commissioner Frederick Bealefeld, a man older than me, soundly beat me and finished the run several minutes ahead of me. Commissioner, if you're listening, this year I want to challenge you to a rematch.


In an age where everyone, including our own Baltimore City Council is talking open government and transparency, we are not only hoping for our local elected officials to welcome this initiative, but perhaps even assist in it, or direct some of their constituents towards this 100% volunteer, not for profit, public information/public awareness endeavor.

In all of my years of observing government, both from the inside as an employee or contractor, and from the outside as a citizen, one of the things that bothers me the most is how little people seem to be aware of the process of government. People are quick to complain and call up their representatives when they have a problem, but the actual way the machine works is a mystery to most.

We welcome anyone interested in joining our crusade of shining a spotlight on local government to step up and be counted. Even if you only want to be a one time corespondent, that would be helpful too. So come on, don't just sit there, send me an email, tell your friends about this, suggest others you know take part.

Managing editor A.F. James MacArthur may be contacted by email; AF.JamesMacArthur@gmail.com or by calling 202-321-9203.

DNA Results in Teen's Death Expected Soon

Baltimore Police & The KKK - Two Officers Disciplined

One accused of showing Ku Klux Klan Web sites to black officer, Commissioner Bealefeld's brother involved

FLASHBACK: Our original video released last Friday boldly stated that there are members of The Baltimore Police secretly belonging to the Ku Klux Klan.

Apparently Mayor Dixon and others heard us. Now will some believe our sources are accurate and we know what we're talking about?

The Baltimore Sun reports details of the disciplinary action have not been released. This occurred on the same day we learned a district commander was suspended for "integrity issues." So the questions is this. Are these incidents all isolated, or do we have some major institutional problems within the Baltimore Police Department? Think about it. Or does the Spectator need to dig up a whole lot of dirt and compile as many factually accurate incidents as we can to show a clear pattern?

Want something good to investigate? Let's get the true facts, and reveal to the public, which high ranking, and or highly visible members of the Baltimore Police Department, sworn and civilian, were released or discharged, because they were getting too close to the truth. Too close to learning about, and possibly exposing the dirty secret of the extent of Ku Klux Klan involvement, by numerous officers.


developing... stay tuned for much more...

16 March 2009

Secrets And Suppression Within Baltimore Police

PR Man Anthony Guglielmi Continues Crusade Of Secrecy

An Editorial by A.F. James MacArthur, Managing Editor, The Baltimore Spectator

The top story of Baltimore's newest independent news outlet, Investigative Voice, is entitled,
SUSPENDED - Eastern district commander suspended during 'integrity' probe. Sadly, when you read the story, few confirmed facts are to be learned. Of course, this is no fault of author veteran investigative reporter Stephen Janis. No, the blame lies squarely on one man. Baltimore Police Department head spokesperson, Anthony Guglielmi. A Bush Administration castaway intent in bringing Baltimore into the Brave New World. A world in which government authorities are steeped in secrecy and masked by darkness. So much for the "Sunshine Laws." Guglielmi doesn't believe in them.

The same person who crafted (according to Commissioner Bealefeld, if he is to be believed) the now much maligned, clearly misguided, backwards policy of no longer releasing the names of officers involved in shootings, Guglielmi seems to have a problem with his job. For a man who is supposed to release public information, in his entire, less than six months tenure, he has done anything but.

So today, we learn a police commander has been suspended for "integrity" issues, no further details availble. Thanks a lot Guglielmi, and this is not a big story is it. Baltimore Sun, WJZ, everyone else? HELLO, IS THIS THING ON! A police commander of one of the most troubled and violent police districts in Baltimore has just been suspended, but I go to your website and I learn the Terps and the Bears are moving forward in college basketball playoffs.

What a town, what place. No wonder public corruption continues to steam roll and flatten the poor taxpayers of this town.
NOTE: As a visual and graphic site, we like to attach, relevant pictures and video as much as possible, however there are no available pictures of Mr. Secret, Anthony Guglielmi available. Last time I was in his presence, his mean, menacing look would not have made for a flattering photo, so exercising extreme restraint and better judgement, I declined to take the shot (pun fully intended).

15 March 2009


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Trust Us! -- Police Fight A Losing Battle

After Decades Of Deception, Dereliction, And Abuse, Baltimore Police Demand Trust

by A.F. James MacArthur, Managing Editor, with T.R. Mencken, Editor In Chief
(EARLY DRAFT -- be part of the process, em
ail suggestions or corrections, or use the comments link below article)

A.F. James MacArthur with Baltimore Police Commissioner Frederick Bealefeld III. After an interview near police headquarters.

So the police kill yet another man in Baltimore, the second one in less than two weeks, and they want us to automatically give them benefit of the doubt. They tell us it was justified, and we are supposed accept this without question and go about our way. Move along people nothing to see here.

The Baltimore Sun may be content in doing this. Perhaps all of the major TV and radio outlets in Baltimore will too. Then there are all those who rashly criticized us for daring to question the police. Excuse me? So I take it the police have never lied before. There have never been any officers accused of filing false reports, wrongful death, and even murder? No cases of lies and cover up have ever been proven right? Nope, not here, no way.

DISCLAIMER: I actually like Baltimore Police Commissioner Frederick Bealefeld. I believe overall he's doing a good job with the department. But when he asks us to trust him and his department, that's when I have to part ways. It's nothing personal.


Whenever someone says to me, "trust me," instant red flags go up. For me, trust is always earned, never asked for. Bealefeld along with his misguided, ill informed, fascist, US Constitution non believing, Chinese Democracy adherent PR man, Anthony Guglielmi have asked the people of Baltimore to trust them. When Bealefeld went before the Batimore City Council and was asked to explain the Guglielmi dictated policy of not naming officers involved in shooting, he said officers were threatened last year, 23 to be exact. What he didn't say was, not one single threat to an officer in Baltimore was related to an officer involved shooting. Imagine that. Have they earned your trust yet?

A born skeptic, even if my own mother tells me she loves me, I may trust her, but not until checking it out. Words have to be consistent with actions. Don't believe me, ask my ex wife, we're still friends, she'll tell you. It is a very dangerous environment indeed when citizens of a free republic just begin to unconditionally trust the government. Ronald Reagan used to say "trust, but verify." You can't just go taking someone's word because they say so.


Consider this; It was this same blind trust that allowed the Nazi of Germany to gain a foothold among the public. At first everyone proudly and openly supported them. Heck, Adolf Hitler was the popularly elected Chancellor. No one ever questioned anything. As they gained more and power due to unconditional public support, it was not until the ovens were already hot and burning, and the gas (Zyclon B) was flowing freely, gassing prisoners, it was only then did people begin to question. At that point, it was already too late. There's a simple principle illustrated here, hope it was not lost.

I suppose if I didn't have first hand knowledge of the police setting up two brothers to be killed (it was admitted to me in strictest confidentiality), I would be more reluctant to question. Now before any fool runs at the mouth saying, how do we know this is true, who are his sources? Let me remind you, remember Valerie Plame? When you deal with secret sources and operatives, particularly those still in place, the last thing you do is offer them up in attempts at establishing credibility. Just think for a moment how foolish, immoral, unethical and wrong that would be.

From my experience working in law enforcement and intelligence off and on over the years, there's a few things I've learned. One of them is; there's often more than meets they eye. Another is, the truth is indeed out there. At times in more ways than we think. If I hadn't seen the things I've seen, and learned what I've learned, I suppose I would be quick to accept whatever account of an incident the police gave. But I know better.

After being setup, jailed, embarrassed and rediculed on numerous occaisons, only to have nearly every charge against me eventually dropped and defeated, perhaps I have learned that in many instances, like the City Council of Baltimore now know, you can't always trust the police.
A.F. James MacArthur's experience in law enforcement dates back to his days as a teenage confidential informant. Eventually going to the police academy, U.S. Marine Corps, and working for local, state and the federal government in various capacities at various agencies over the years, his journey from boyhood to manhood has been a meandering wild ride.

MacArthur has received numerous threats to his life, including some from the police. Except one instance, the threats and intimidation reported to police were dismissed without even cursory investigation. Unlike police officers, as a civilian, Mr. MacArthur is not allowed to be armed while dealing with well armed would be adversaries and assailants. One one occaison getting shot was the result, on another MacArthur had to disarm a knife wielding assailant, holding him down while police responded.

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Some Of Tonight's Topics:

  • Police Involved Shootings -- Are They Becoming Excessive?
  • Drug Legalization -- Is The War On Drugs A Failed One?
  • Gun Control -- Can The 3000 officers in Baltimore adequately protect 650,000 residents?

Plus special guests, and your phone calls.

Crime, grime and politics.



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14 March 2009

A Retired Cop Speaks Out!

I'm a retired captain from the Baltimore Police Department who is now an independent security management consultant, and the proprietor of Roland Park Security Consulting service. I also help people who are relocating to Baltimore find a reasonably safe rental property where they will be comfortable. You can visit my website at www.buzoncrime.com.

David Simon and the not-naming of the police who kill

Buz is still reeling from reading the David Simon piece, which is the cover story in this week's City paper concerning the new police department policy of not naming police officers who fatally use force on anyone--except at the Commissioner's Discretion. He also writes a piece on March 1st on Washingtonpost.com. It was quite embarrasing to read that he, once one of the few reporters who supported the police is now ostracizing this "once proud" department and calling the policy "cowardly". We have a number of thoughts about this situation, sometimes some of them in conflict. So, we'd like to share some random, iconoclastic thoughts with readers, and maybe some feedback will come:
  • I touched somewhat on bewilderment as to how or why this policy evolved in a previous post. All evidence points to the arrival of Anthony Guglielmi as the police department spokesperson. The policy was announced soon after he arrived in that position. If in fact he is the genesis, he has done the Commissioner a disservice. He apparently is tone deaf in the struggle the department has had in getting and holding public support.
  • Of course, part of the reason could simply be that this is an idea which has gotten into the heads of the rank and file, and is reacted to as wonderful by the Fraternal Order of Police. It's an "idea whose time has come." Ideas are powerful, and they don't necessarily have to have any rational logic. The are in effect, "a solution walking around to find a problem".
  • The Commissioner probably felt he had to throw the FOP a bone, since they are still pissed off at him for revoking their ability to work off-duty in bars and nightclubs, thereby curtailing some $$$ for them and their opportunity to look at pretty women and get paid for it.
  • I remember that a year or two ago I read that Baltimore County, in an agreement with its FOP, started a policy of only giving the first name of officers who in the line of duty fatalize somebody. It was not announced until after the first fatality occurred and got little notice and no hue and outcry. It's interesting, your humble consultant thinks, tht the city police arre scrutinized and everything and every fault is published or TVed. But in the counties, hardly any foible is ever reported on (of course now hardly any reporters are left to report on anything anywhere-especially in the counties, and the paper is named the Baltimore Sun).
  • Buz noted that the FBI, New York City Police, and Philadelphia Police, along with several others also have not naming policies, and he wonders how that affects reporting on those agencies, if at all.
  • We note that 911 call-takers do not use their names, and only give numbers; this has been in effect for many years. (But 311 operators give a name, supposedly their real name(?).)
  • Buz notes that Ravens cheerleaders also only give their first name to prevent harassment from weirdos. (Of course, they are not armed + with arrest authority+3,000 colleagues as David Simon points out for police.) [Of course, also, the most famous Ravens cheerleader did give her name as a (?) fitness/publicity/personal achievement thing--Molly Shattuck.]
  • From a policy making point of view, the Commissioner just could have implemented it quietly til the first fatality occurred. And he could have simply left the officers' names off of the face sheet of the report and written a followup with all the information including officers' names. They used to do this for bank tellers' names to give them some breathing room from aggressive reporters initially.
  • A better public policy would be to simply withhold an officer's name on a case-by-case basis should evidence of a threat surface. It's not clear at all what this policy is supposed to in reality accomplish. Surely, the people who were on the scene of the incident and witnessed it know who the officer is (though some may not know his/her name). And, in any case, if the incident makes it to court, opposing counsel have the right to know all of the witnesses against their client--and the name of a defendant officer if they decide to sue.
  • It is observed by your writer that many police have, at the very least, an antipathy towards reporters who second-guess policing. This has gone on for many years, and many reporters are viewed by police as "the enemy". I suppose this is the final revenge of the cops against the press. And it's a shame; as Rodney King said, Can't we all just get along. As an avid newspaper reader for more than 50 years, I feel it's important for a citizen to get the news about crime regularly and in depth.
  • I think TV news are the big culprits here, though. When we worked in Police Communications many years ago, often a call would go out on the air for an assist or a shooting. Not less than a minute would pass when young TV reporters would burn up the phone lines asking what is going on. Um, we don't have any units on the scene yet. It's easy to imagine them calling an officer's wife for comment after hubby shoots someone. (Of course, it then would be the department's fault for giving his name out so soon.)
Whew. I could go on and on, about different aspects of this, but I am sure some past Public Information Officers of the department are not in agreement with this policy. Their role should be a cooperative, reasonably friendly, and understanding working relationship with the press. Mike Bass and Regina Averalla come to mind.



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To all those who willfully, deliberately and routinely violate the civil rights of law abiding American Citizens; Yes, you're powerful. Sure, you're everywhere. But this is still America, and the Constitution of the United States Of America still reigns supreme as the law of the land. The Baltimore Spectator will vigorously and aggressively defend against any and all attempts at spying and suppression. Let it be known to all that we are already aware of the regular monitoring and shadowing attempts. There is nothing to hide, but cross the line and there will be hell to pay.

In the end, efforts to impinge upon the freedoms of the people will ultimately fail. Some of us may get taken out in the ongoing battle for true and lasting freedom, but as I've said many times before, and will say till the day I die or get taken out by you goons, THERE ARE MORE OF US, THAN THERE ARE OF YOU.

A.F. James MacArthur -- American patriot & lover of liberty.

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