17 March 2009

Baltimore Police & The KKK - Two Officers Disciplined

One accused of showing Ku Klux Klan Web sites to black officer, Commissioner Bealefeld's brother involved

FLASHBACK: Our original video released last Friday boldly stated that there are members of The Baltimore Police secretly belonging to the Ku Klux Klan.

Apparently Mayor Dixon and others heard us. Now will some believe our sources are accurate and we know what we're talking about?

The Baltimore Sun reports details of the disciplinary action have not been released. This occurred on the same day we learned a district commander was suspended for "integrity issues." So the questions is this. Are these incidents all isolated, or do we have some major institutional problems within the Baltimore Police Department? Think about it. Or does the Spectator need to dig up a whole lot of dirt and compile as many factually accurate incidents as we can to show a clear pattern?

Want something good to investigate? Let's get the true facts, and reveal to the public, which high ranking, and or highly visible members of the Baltimore Police Department, sworn and civilian, were released or discharged, because they were getting too close to the truth. Too close to learning about, and possibly exposing the dirty secret of the extent of Ku Klux Klan involvement, by numerous officers.


developing... stay tuned for much more...


Anonymous said...

It seems to be alright 4 blacks 2 have thier many so-called clubs 4 thier people! Do u see whites making such a big fuss? Get over it and stop trying 2 knock whitey off his throne, so we can replace him with 1 more black man or woman. Who is the minority now, and its time we(white)people start sticking together and stop some of this bulls... thats going on with other races, tv, the media, etc.

Thank U,
Tired and

Anonymous said...

Klan's men are as they have always been scared and lier's scared to show themselves why don't you all just lay down and die.As you all know your time has come to an end.

West said...

Wow throne .... white people never had the throne ! You guys used people (Indians) tricked them then took the bible and try to make passages relate to segregation. We all know that god did not put all of us here to be divided. we all shit, piss, eat, have feelings and etc.Our contrast comes from different climates and environment. Put a white man in the son long enough he becomes black. Racism is silly and needs to end!!!



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