16 March 2009

Secrets And Suppression Within Baltimore Police

PR Man Anthony Guglielmi Continues Crusade Of Secrecy

An Editorial by A.F. James MacArthur, Managing Editor, The Baltimore Spectator

The top story of Baltimore's newest independent news outlet, Investigative Voice, is entitled,
SUSPENDED - Eastern district commander suspended during 'integrity' probe. Sadly, when you read the story, few confirmed facts are to be learned. Of course, this is no fault of author veteran investigative reporter Stephen Janis. No, the blame lies squarely on one man. Baltimore Police Department head spokesperson, Anthony Guglielmi. A Bush Administration castaway intent in bringing Baltimore into the Brave New World. A world in which government authorities are steeped in secrecy and masked by darkness. So much for the "Sunshine Laws." Guglielmi doesn't believe in them.

The same person who crafted (according to Commissioner Bealefeld, if he is to be believed) the now much maligned, clearly misguided, backwards policy of no longer releasing the names of officers involved in shootings, Guglielmi seems to have a problem with his job. For a man who is supposed to release public information, in his entire, less than six months tenure, he has done anything but.

So today, we learn a police commander has been suspended for "integrity" issues, no further details availble. Thanks a lot Guglielmi, and this is not a big story is it. Baltimore Sun, WJZ, everyone else? HELLO, IS THIS THING ON! A police commander of one of the most troubled and violent police districts in Baltimore has just been suspended, but I go to your website and I learn the Terps and the Bears are moving forward in college basketball playoffs.

What a town, what place. No wonder public corruption continues to steam roll and flatten the poor taxpayers of this town.
NOTE: As a visual and graphic site, we like to attach, relevant pictures and video as much as possible, however there are no available pictures of Mr. Secret, Anthony Guglielmi available. Last time I was in his presence, his mean, menacing look would not have made for a flattering photo, so exercising extreme restraint and better judgement, I declined to take the shot (pun fully intended).



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To all those who willfully, deliberately and routinely violate the civil rights of law abiding American Citizens; Yes, you're powerful. Sure, you're everywhere. But this is still America, and the Constitution of the United States Of America still reigns supreme as the law of the land. The Baltimore Spectator will vigorously and aggressively defend against any and all attempts at spying and suppression. Let it be known to all that we are already aware of the regular monitoring and shadowing attempts. There is nothing to hide, but cross the line and there will be hell to pay.

In the end, efforts to impinge upon the freedoms of the people will ultimately fail. Some of us may get taken out in the ongoing battle for true and lasting freedom, but as I've said many times before, and will say till the day I die or get taken out by you goons, THERE ARE MORE OF US, THAN THERE ARE OF YOU.

A.F. James MacArthur -- American patriot & lover of liberty.

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