30 December 2013

Murder And Mayhem Continue To Grip City

By A.F. James MacArthur

Very Violent Year Shows No Slow Down On Final Weekend

Worn out remnants of a murder memorial from a prior incident, 
cling to a post at the scene of one of Baltimore's last murders of 2013.
 Photo by @MolotovFlicker
Early Sunday morning around 1:20 a.m., Baltimore Police responded to the 2700 block of E. Monument Street for reports of a man shot. Police arrived and found Kevin Charles Brown, age 23, laying in the street, suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.

 The Baltimore Spectator #CrimeChasers team was on scene within moments.

While the crew on a Baltimore Fire Department Medic Unit worked on the victim, the large gathering crowd echoed growing frustration with the nearly ceaseless violence that has made 2013 the most deadliest seen in years.

"What the fuck they shoot Kevin for?" 

A young man standing in the crowd asked the rhetorical question to The Baltimore Spectator as he stood there battling disbelief and desperately searching for an answer.

Neighbors young and old could be heard weeping and wailing out loud. One woman asked, with so many police in the area, since there's been a marked visible increase in patrol units, how come this happened?

The block has seen murder before. The neighborhood is well acquainted with death and violence.

With scenes like this becoming all too common in so many city neighborhoods, the question is probably one that is continually asked, with few answers ever given.

Currently, less than half of the murders that took place have been solved. At this writing, the official murder count for the year is 234. A four year record high.

Listen to a live, on scene report made moments after the incident took place.

Proximity Of Police No Guarantee Of Safety

A little over a week before, just five blocks away, Anthony McMillian, age 36, was shot multiple times and killedwhile a Baltimore Police officer witnessed the incident. Despite the on sight occurrence of a capital crime, there were no reports of any effort being made by the officer to apprehend the suspect. Only a vague description of the shooter was given. No arrests have been made. The killer is still on the loose.

Earlier this year, police officers were standing in the same area when they heard gunshots nearby. A man had been shot mere blocks away from where they were.

Despite increased patrols often being touted by officials as a response to the rising violence, there were several other incidents of murder in 2013 where Baltimore Police were in the immediate proximity. On more than one occasion, bystanders or witnesses, rather than dial 911, literally ran up to police to alert them of an incident having just taken place.

War Weary Neighbors

Bystanders try to make sense of murder. Photo by @MolotovFlicker
At one point a young man was engaged in a heated verbal altercation with police that was beginning to turn physical as he wrestled to get closer.


A police Sergeant attempted to restrain the young man, but he continued doing everything he could to get to the ambulance where the shooting victim was being treated.

Gripped by emotions, the young man grappled with police and was desperately trying to enter the crime scene.

As two police officers produced handcuffs, several residents approached the melee.

"Take him away or he's going to jail!" 

Visibly despondent, the young man reluctantly walked away with neighbors.

Police have not released information on a suspect or motive.

The Baltimore Spectator approached a group of older men standing in front a house in an attempt to learn more about the victim, a man sadly said "this is a very bad time."

Justin Fenton of The Baltimore Sun contributed to this report.
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