19 March 2009

UPDATED: The BodyMore Chronicles -- Comments From A Cop!

Bodymore Murderland! -- The Saga Continues

This week has been so bloody and violent, the poor ole Baltimore Spectator has not been able to keep up. Help us out, tell us what we missed.

Two triple shootings in three days, including two teenagers.

On Monday, an 18-year-old man was shot in the back in the 1700 block of E. North Ave. around 9 a.m. Monday. He was driven from the shooting scene to Johns Hopkins Hospital.

A man found stabbed to death in his car today.

Yesterday a body was found in a vacant row house.

At this rate, you could practically trip and fall over the bodies on a walk from Towson to the inner harbor. Houston, we got a problem. I'm a afraid things may be too far gone, and the only solution might be a ticket to the moon.

Since the original writing, ANOTHER triple shooting.

Today (Friday) a young child was shot!


The Baltimore Spectator spoke with veteran retired Baltimore Police Captain Jerry "Buz" Busnuk; here are his remarks;

Those numbers are only the ones the press has learned about; I wouldn't be surprised that there were a fair number of other violent acts, including robberies, that we generally don't know about. The city's website has about a 2-week lag in its postings. (For a while over the winter, they apparently weren't updating at all because a key employee had left).

I can tell you that while attending many community meetings in the past, as a sergeant in the Southwest, and a Captain in the Northwest, neighborhood people and leaders invariably worried about the coming of the first warm weather--and its attendant violence potential. There's a lot of street action when it gets to be above 65, a lot of hanging out, acting out and hollering and stuff. A lot more strutting and posturing outside, and drinking, and people pushing their limits with other people: till they find someone who doesn't like to be pushed.

Last weekend was pretty warm and one of my correspondents reported that there was a "pseudo-riot" at closing time at Iguana Cantina/Power Plant live area. That often happens at closing time in the heavy bar areas. [Sensible people head for home about 1am; people looking for excitement hang around to watch the fights and other action.]
It's like people feel they have to just bust out!

It sounds like these triple shootings were targeted as a result of either: a particular personal beef or, a continuation of the organized-crime connected killings related to Baltimore's own private civil war--covering about 4 square miles of the city. We don't have enough information at this time. I'm sure the Commish and his crew are concerned. The City Paper has done a lot of good reporting on the the violence to capture part of the city's lucrative drug markets, particularly the bizarre events surrounding the kidnapping of two brothers in Catonsville last year.

Oh, and usually Thursday night is when it starts getting busy for the weekend.
You can visit Captain Busnuk's website at www.buzoncrime.com.
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