13 June 2010

Slain Marine Remembered At Candle-Light Vigil

A Photo Journal With Commentary By A.F. James MacArthur, Crime Correspondent, Investigative Voice. All photos unless indicated by A.F. James MacArthur


“Life Is Too Short” – Tyrone Brown

tyrone_brown father_weeps_2

On the morning of June 5, 2010, former United States Marine, Tyrone Brown (left, family photo) was shot and killed by off duty Baltimore Police Officer Gahiji Tshamba. Brown served four years in the war in Iraq, surviving some of the heaviest combat of the conflict including The Battle Of Fallujah. His father Reginald Dargan (right hand photo) believed his son suffered with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Dargan said "something happened" to his son during the war that changed him. Although Brown never really spoke about it, his father says "he wasn’t the same after returning home."


The warm glow of candles illuminate a t-shirt placed on the ground by fellow Marines who served in combat in Iraq with Tyrone Brown.

The Marines, none of whom reside in Baltimore made the trip to remember their fallen brother. At various moments during the vigil, they were overcome with emotion and reduced to weeping and crying. Brown was murdered in cold blood outside a Baltimore night club by off duty Baltimore Police Officer Gahiji Tshamba. Tshamba, currently wanted for first degree murder remains a fugitive. As of 10:00 pm Saturday, Police say they have no idea of his location.

DSC01050 Terrell_Ashburn_tshirt_backside

Terrell Ashburn, brother in law of slain Marine Tyrone Brown displays a t-shirt in remembrance of Brown at a candle light vigil held Saturday night at City Hall. The back side shows Brown with his sister (different from wife of Ashburn) Chantay Kangalee, who was due to be married with Brown appointed to walk her down the isle.

“I'm very upset about it [shooting death of Tyrone Brown]. It seems like whenever he got [Officer Gahiji Tshamba] drunk, he wants to shoot someone. They [Baltimore Police] shot the wrong person this time.” -- Terrell Ashburn, brother in law of Tyrone Brown.

mourners mourners_2

Friends and family members including the father, mother, and a sister of murdered Marine Tyrone Brown pause for a moment of silence at a candle light vigil held Saturday to remember the fallen warrior. Brown was shot and killed by off duty Baltimore Police Officer Gahiji Tshamba. Tshamba who is now a fugitive from justice, wanted for first degree murder, fired 13 shots at Brown. Nine bullets struck brown in the head, torso and groin.

jean_hamilton Military veteran and former Baltimore City Police Officer Frances “Jean” Hamilton speaks with Joseph Armstead (back turned), Vice President, Baltimore Branch NAACP. Hamilton is currently running for election for Sheriff of Baltimore City. Armstead is a special correspondent to MacArthur Media.


A young boy watches candles burning in honor of former Marine Tyrone Brown




At approximately 1:30 am, Sunday morning, while this photo journal was still being edited, a few hours after the vigil was held, Baltimore Police reported Officer Gahiji Tshamba turned himself in to central booking.

Be sure to go to Investigative Voice for continued comprehensive coverage of this developing story. As of 6:30 am Sunday morning, every news outlet in Baltimore still had headlines referencing an intensified search for Tshamba, meanwhile this spot was updated approximately 1:59 am and Investigative Voice reported the surrender on the front page at 2:27 am Sunday.

"We Will Not Rest Until He Is Brought In" – Chantay Kangalee

Rest In Peace Tyrone Brown


Long after most have burnt out, two candles remain burning bright symbolizing the undying hope of the family, that justice will be served , and representing the eternally faithful spirit of the United States Marine Corps.

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