14 June 2010

Was Killer Cop Surrender Staged?

Disparities and continually changing facts leave many questions

By A.F. James MacArthur Ph.A.L.

The late night surrender of Baltimore Police officer Gahiji Tshamba, who was being sought on a warrant for the first degree murder of former United States Marine Tyrone Brown, should have begun to provide answers. But instead of clarity, there’s now more confusion and questions than ever.

Some with knowledge of the case suggest that in the last few hours leading up Tshamba’s surrender, his lawyer and top police commanders were in back and forth negotiations on just how to proceed. So while the public and most media were off chasing the trail of an “intensified search” for the rogue cop, some at police headquarters already knew he was about to surrender.

Was the 9:00 pm press conference, the highly publicized foot search along with neighborhood canvassing, complete with an old school wanted poster being handed out; all part of a well choreographed stage play?

For those that are skeptical, consider this; are we really to believe that with an area-wide manhunt involving city, county, state and federal officials, somehow, someway, the killer cop Tshamba, who we’re told doesn’t even own a car, just magically appeared in the lobby of central booking, sat down, crossed his fingers and waited for his lawyer to show. If that’s the case, this guy is good, really good, and damn scary. More like special forces recon than city beat cop. At least this is the way police tell us it happened.


Also, it should be noted that initially police told us Brown was hit with six of the thirteen bullets fired. Considering the close proximity in which the incident supposedly took place, I found this quite suspicious. It wasn’t until after my prodding of Maj. Terrence McLarney, commander of the city’s homicide squad, did we learn Brown was actually hit nine times.


[mis-di-rek-shuhn] Show IPA

a wrong or incorrect direction, guidance, or instruction.

I will leave questions as to why such a disparity to you the reader, but wait, it’s not over yet. After I got McLarney to up the number of bullet wounds to nine, all of the media took to adjusting and modifying their reports to include this count. Now suddenly, since Sunday morning, the Sun reports, according to charging documents and the autopsy report, Brown was actually hit with 12 of the 13 bullets fired from Tshamba’s gun.

How long was this fact known by police? Why were we not given an accurate shot count all along? Early attempts at some sort of cover-up?

Also, I’m being told that Tshamba was in the company of police officers on the night of the shooting. Could some of the witnesses have been part of an entourage of drunken cops doing their best to cover for a friend who lost it?

It is interesting to note, of all the witnesses interviewed, only the ones who were in Tshamba’s party made any mention of Brown getting into a physical altercation with Tshamaba. This story was quickly dismissed as being inconsistent and having no merit.

Furthermore, Tshamba, who we’re told hasn’t owned a car in years has been driven around, staying with, and in the company of fellow officers the whole time since AFTER the shooting, even AFTER the warrant was issued. Will we be seeing charges of aiding and abetting a fugitive?

We had gotten word of a serious and credible death threat towards Tshamba by someone with intent on avenging the death of the former Marine Tyrone Brown. It is a fact that Baltimore Police took it seriously. A whole day was spent investigating and seeking out the would be vigilante.

The Baltimore Sun did not report this, instead referring to the whole thing as a hoax. Yet today they report the death threat among other reasons why Tshamba was in hiding. In the newest Sun articles, the threat is no longer called a hoax.

In the drama filled week since Tshamba unloaded his police issued pistol into the unarmed Marine, Sunday morning’s act has got to be one of the most grand entrances ever seen, befitting of a Shakespearian tragedy. It had all the necessary elements of suspense and drama. Only problem was, with the news cameras long gone, most reporters asleep, family and friends from the vigil long gone, there was no audience, no one saw it. All part of the script? You decide.

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A.F. James MacArthur is a contributing editor and crime correspondent for Investigative Voice. Having worked nearly 20 years in public service in a wide range of capacities including patrolman (foot, bike, vehicular), search & rescue, intelligence and investigations. MacArthur’s path into journalism did not follow the typical route



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