03 July 2015

Man Shot And Killed At West Baltimore Construction Site

UPDATE: 6 JULY 2015: Baltimore police announced two men were arrested for this murder.

UPDATE: 1900 EST 3 JULY 2015

Baltimore Police have charged Keyon Jackson, 22, in yesterday's murder of Nate Wheeler Jr.(pictured), 31., court records show. 

Police still haven't been publicly ID'd Wheeler as the victim.

A witness told the Baltimore Spectator suspects were pursued from scene by officers who heard the shots. This led to big commotion in Hampden. Baltimore Police still haven't released any details yet.

In November Jackson pleaded guilty to intimidating witness/juror, and was sentenced to 15 years in jail, but 13 years, 6 months were suspended. He was already out on the streets.

Information reported by Justin Fenton of the Baltimore Sun contributed heavily to this update.

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BALTIMORE - (MINS) Baltimore Police responded to a call for a shooting Thursday afternoon, in the vicinity of the 2200 block of N. Fulton Ave. Responding officers found Nate "Man" Wheeler Jr., 31, shot multiple times. His birthday was the day before.

Witnesses tell The Baltimore Spectator, Wheeler had been working on a construction project in an area considered an extension of Druid Hill Park. While operating a Bobcat, a gunman approached and opened fire from extremely close range.

An area resident ran to the scene and observed Wheeler barely breathing and clinging to life. By the time authorities arrived, Wheeler was pronounced dead on the scene.

Another witness stated he saw Baltimore Police pursuing two individuals immediately after the shooting.

While police were on scene investigating, and with Wheeler's body still present, emotional family members began to arrive. One woman could be heard crying out loud, "why did they have to do this to my brother? He didn't deserve this."

Another lady, overcome with grief and emotion had to be treated and transported by a Baltimore Fire Dept. medic unit, after what appeared to be a panic or anxiety attack.

Before the scene was cleared, the crowd of onlookers -- with many seeming to be friends and family -- grew to nearly 100 people.

Friends who wished to remain anonymous describe Wheeler as a devoted father, and loving uncle, a source of strength and support for his entire extended family.
Wheeler grew up in East Baltimore and is said to have worked for Allied Construction for over 10 years, where he's said to have been a highly valued and committed employee.

A motive for the shooting has not been stated.

Medics were called to the scene to assist 
with the traumatic impact of the violence on a loved one needing assistance.
Baltimore Police reported detaining two individuals, deemed "persons of interest," a short time after the shooting, but have not released their identity or clarified whether they've been charged.

The case is considered an active investigation. Homicide detectives ask anyone with information to call 410-396-2100.

In the last two years, eight people have been shot on the 2200 blk of N. Fulton Ave. Five -- including Wheeler -- have died. 


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