27 July 2009

Double Shooting At Baltimore And Bond St.

Baltimore Police investigate a car drive by victims of a double shooting. One of the victims drove the car to Johns Hopkins Hospital Emergency Room.

Story and photos by A.F. James MacArthur Ph.A.L., Managing Editor

Several Unoccupied Cars Shot Shortly Before Incident

An unknown gunman shot several cars near the corner of Baltimore and Bond St around 11:15 p.m. Sunday night. Approximately an hour later, while Baltimore Police were still in the area, a car with three people inside was fired upon. At least nine shots were fired. Three shots hit the adult male driver, including a bullet wound to the head; leaving the man in critical condition as of this writing. A female passenger was also struck at least once, while a third male passenger managed to bail out the car and escape.

The female passenger struggled to take control of the car. An off duty member of the Baltimore Police Department driving in the area nearly collided with the white Lexus travelling at a high rate of speed and appearing out of control. The officer turned around to follow the car being driven by a female and subsequently discovered it was involved in a shooting that had just occurred.

Outside of Johns Hopkins Hospital witnesses say the woman was seen struggling to assist the man with multiple gunshot wounds walk into the emergency room. The man collapsed on the sidewalk and had to be carried in by Hopkins staff members.

Police spokesman, Agent Donny Moses said there are no known motives or victims at this time.
Larry Wallace also contributed to this story.



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