27 July 2009

Bloody Night In Battleground Baltimore, 17 People Shot In 3 Hours, Several Fatalities

A car with nine bullet holes sits in front of Johns Hopkins Hospital after two people inside it were shot and a female passenger drove the vehicle to the Emergency Room

Story & photos by A.F. James MacArthur Ph.A.L., Managing Editor

12 People Shot At Backyard BBQ Cookout

A woman 8 months pregnant and a 2 year old baby are among 12 people wounded after multiple gunmen opened fire on a backyard gathering around 9:05 p.m. Sunday night. Sources reaveled to The Baltimore Spectator that as many as five gunmen opened fire from a nearby alley creating a hail of bullets raining down on the gathering. Baltimore Police report numerous shell casings from spent bullets covering a signifcant area.

The violent incident occurred on the 2600 block of E. Ashland Ave. It marks what could be the largest single incident casualty count of any shooting in Baltimore History. Witnesses described a seen of sheer terror as people scrambled for cover from the barrage of gunfire.

Numerous calls were made to 911. Victims were transported to several area hospitals, some via Baltimore Fire Dept. ambulance, and others by private vehicles.

A family member wishing to remain anonymous said the gathering was a memorial for the shooting death of 16 year old Jerrod Reed. Reed was shot in the head on Sunday July 19, when an unknown gunman walked up and opened fire on him and another teenager near N. Kenwood Ave. and E. Monument St. The second teenage victim was not fatally wounded.

UPDATE: The accuracy of detail in the paragraph above may not be 100%. The Baltimore Sun has published the following which contradicts the above paragraph: According to law enforcement sources, at least two of the shooting incidents appeared to be connected. One of the victims at the cookout shooting was Steven Blackwell, 25, whose younger brothers were abducted last April in what police said was part of an escalating feud between rival drug organizations. Police sources at the time told The Baltimore Sun that the abductions may have set off a wave of as many as five retaliatory homicides over the course of three months last summer.

The Baltimore Spectator street team has also learned the cookout shooting may also have links to the murder of a woman found dead in a car at 4217 Erdman Ave. in the parking lot of the Club House Lounge on Saturday. A confidential source tells us a number of shootings over the last week, including several Sunday night are all connected.

Baltimore Police say so far there are no known suspects of motives to any of the shootings.

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Larry Wallace also contributed to this story.

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