04 October 2012

Does The Winner Of The Debate Really Matter?

By A.F. James MacArthur Ph.A.L.

One things that's not debatable is that Baltimore is in bad, bad shape. In a city often resembling a mid-east war zone more than a modern American metropolis, the old adage all politics is local couldn't possible be more appropriate. With just barely a month left to go, and being called one of the most important elections ever (haven't we heard this before?), last nights presidential debate was most possibly the most watched in history. But what does it all mean?

Presidential elections are important in determining the direction of our country, but when you bring it on home, ask yourself; will who's sitting in the White House make my streets cleaner, ease traffic congestion, or improve the woeful high rate of high school drop-outs in Baltimore City?

English: In January 2009, President of the Uni...
Your Mayor and City Council are more important.
The truth is, while the debates serve an important function, we should be careful not to get so caught up in the theatrics and the rhetoric, that we lose sight of the many serious issues we face as soon as we step out our front door. Baltimore is dying a slow death and to an observant eye, it seems very little is being done restore it.

As exciting as it is to see more people than ever engaged in politics, the mood is tempered once reality sets in and you realize many of the same people excited to run out and vote for Obama have little interest or desire to take part in doing something about improving this city.

Sad but true, it's gonna take a whole lot more than voting for the president to lift this city from down in the dumps.


While you sat with your eyes glued to the television watching the debate, three more people in your city were gunned down, seeing their life snuffed away in the blink of an eye. The screen shot below from The Baltimore Sun says it all. Can you tell me one more time how Romney or Obama would fix this?

Just another night in Baltimore. Screen shot from Baltimore Sun with the kind of headline that's all too familiar. Courtesy of @imfocusedmanx via twitter.
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