05 July 2010

America's Greatest Governor

National Education Association Gives Award To MD Governor Martin O'Malley

Is this the same O'Malley who was Mayor of Baltimore for eight years?  Within those same eight years Baltimore saw it's public schools finish nearly dead last in every category that counts.  With more kids dropping out than graduating, it's hardly what I would call a success or glowing accomplishment in the O'Malley legacy.

It's not that I have anything personal against the NEA or Governor O'Malley, despite the fact that he's had it out for me for some time.  Some of the facts of his record are simply disturbing.  To be crowned the "Greatest Governor" by a group whose stated goals are supposed to involve the advancement of education is honestly quite puzzling.  It seems these so called educators haven't done their homework.

Were I a dues paying member of the nations largest teachers union, I'd demand my money back.

Retired school teacher Quinton D. Thompson; wrote an open letter to O'Malley.  It was sent as a letter to the editor of The Baltimore Sun.  Concerning the NEA, Thompson said: "Sadly, instead of striving to fulfill this mission, it has become obvious the NEA’s questionable priorities have been the promotion of their political influence, job security and the protection of their mediocrity which, I believe, should be termination of employment instead." The Sun refused to print his letter.

How is Martin O'Malley the "Greatest Governor" in America?  Please, somebody, anybody, help me.

At a lost to me is just what is the criteria for "Greatest Governor."  Could it be coming up with a failed economics planned causing severe revenue drain?

Or perhaps it was when a group of prominent Black Mayors in Maryland called an emergency meeting, invited O'Malley who confirmed, then suddenly became a no-show (see O"Malley Snubs Black Mayors).  Not even giving a courtesy call.

You probably never heard of any of these stories, because typically, the establishment media gives Mr. O'Malley a pass and lets him off the hook.

Last year we ran a comment from a reader that's well worth repeating:


O'Malley has demonstrated time and time again that he has no regard for human life particularly when it comes to blacks. His deficient, self-serving, arrest everyone in sight, policing policies in Baltimore City destroyed thousands of lives, through illegal arrests and by permiting the most dangerous, violent, criminals, to remain on the streets, in an effort to control the stats and cook the books. All to make himself look good at any cost. Why? Many ask why and how this amoral, incompetent, individual was able to win the office of governor when he was the worst mayor in the history of Baltimore City. Answer. The lives he destroyed were black, and mostly poor. Who cares, right? Certainly not black voters who will vote for ANY democrat even a Martin O'Malley who gave them NOTHING as mayor except a useless, hollow, message to BELIEVE in nothing. 

FULL DISCLOSURE: Managing Editor, A.F. James MacArthur has numerous relatives in education, including several administrators, principals, a long time NEA rep, in addition to a retired NEA rep.



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