18 June 2009

Inner Harbor, Baltimore’s Green Zone/Open Letter To Mayor Dixon

To The Honorable Mayor Sheila Dixon,

I've been quite impressed with the recent increase of police presence at the inner harbor. For a while it seems we were about to lose control of the last bastion of peace and tranquility in Baltimore City. With the neighborhoods resembling combat zones in physical appearance, level of danger, and the hopeless mentality pervading the residents, it’s nice to have a place where you can let your guard down. Thank you for reassuring us there is at least one safe place left. After all, the rest of us don’t get 24/7 armed bodyguards like you do.

When I look to my left and I look to my right, all I can think of are my neighbors that were murdered in cold blood inside their homes. Home invasion murders, even indoors, there were not safe. Not to mention the street robberies that have also ended in murder, several within the last weeks.

My have all abandoned this city and urge me to do the same; they worry for me more here than they did when I’ve been overseas, in combat zones or places experiencing civil unrest and near total anarchy.

What will it take for a stepped up police presence in the hood? I know there’s little potential for well to do whites getting hurt there, so reducing the violence won’t provide nice photo ops and political PR points?

As a homeowner, for years I’ve watched the property values in my neighborhood fall, just as I’ve watched the bodies of those murdered around me fall. And yes, I have literally seen the bodies.

Honestly, I’m sorely disappointed in you and your administrations lack of comprehensive effort in truly attacking the problems we in our neighborhoods. I knew all along you didn’t really care about us, but more and more, you remind me just how little regard you have for our safety.

Open air drug dealing is tolerated despite repeated calls to police. This place is a gang stronghold, yet the gang unit is understaffed, with few actually pounding the ground gathering needed intelligence.

From where I stand, there appears to be no sincere desire to clean up this part of town. I guess it’s because we’re not on the beautiful waterfront, we don’t have the shops, restaurants and lots of white tourists. TV cameras only come around here when one of us fall victim to the murderous thugs permitted to rule the streets.

With one of the home invasion murders being right next door to me, I feel quite unsafe even in my own house. If I really want to feel safe I could always start sleeping on a bench at the Inner Harbor right? Not really, Bealefeld and his bullies would find a reason to arrest me then. Not like they need probably cause. Lack of it has never been stopped the Baltimore Police Before.

Commissioner Bealefeld told me it’s safe at the Inner Harbor, but he wants people like me to stay in our neighborhoods. He wouldn’t dare be so bold as to say it’s safe where I live.

So tell me Madame Mayor, what have you done to make us safer out in the neighborhoods, and what’s the current plan, where do we go from here? Oh yeah, that whole crime is down thing, seriously now, we’re not buying it, and from where I stand, honestly, I just don’t seen. Tell that to the family of Dr. Woah-Tee, they’re the ones crying.


A.F. James MacArthur Ph.A.L.

A city resident living in fear of his life on a daily basis.

P.S. Since you’ve ignored all the private letters I’ve sent you, I’m quite sure you’ll ignore this one too. It’s ok Madame Mayor. I’m used to it now. Didn’t vote for you last time, and at this point, I’ll be glad to work tirelessly to see no one else will next time.

P.P.S. To my supporters; should you suddenly not here from me, know that they're up to they're old tricks again. Probably pulled another underhanded mob tactic. We know how our leaders can't take criticism.

1 comment:

ThomasPaine said...

Give Sheila and the girl friends the world they want. Give them a world with no straight Black men. There is no white man with more hatred for Black men than Sheila, Stephanie, Salima, Helen, etc. The reason they love Mad Dog Marty O is because they hate us.
I think most responsible Black men like yourself do not realize how much you contribute to this city. Especially to the smug, arrogant Negrocrat elite mentioned above. Like not missing your water till your well runs dry. They claim they do not need Black men. Lets make them prove it. Black men, leave Baltimore!
There is a prophecy in the book of Isaiah: When the houses are without men God would destroy the city. Let Sheila, the Girlfriends, the Mistresses of Murder, the Homos, and all the other low-lifes have it!



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