16 June 2009

Bealefeld's Bogus Bad Guys With Guns, & Other Bald Face Lies Of The Baltimore Police

By A.F. James MacArthur Ph.A.L.

When the Baltimore Police Department tells us crime is down, we’re supposed to B E L I E V E? Much like when then Mayor Martin O’Malley told us to, I’m still not quite sure just what to B E L I E V E? Funny thing is, Martin never told us. Good thing the FBI quickly released official statistics showing we lead the nation in crime. So even if it’s down, why are you celebrating. This city is a war zone and we all know it.

Now here comes Commissioner Bealefeld and his so called bad guys with guns. Or should I say, Black Guys With Guns. It’s a well known fact that the first wide scale gun grab of legally owned fire arms was conducted in the deep south by members of the Ku Klux Klan. Sometimes it was done under the guise of law enforcement by day, other times, during the night, the same cops, hiding behind white sheets came by as the Midnight Riders. Hitler taught them, if you’re gonna take advantage of a race of people, you best be sure they can’t fight back.

“UPDATE ON FIGHT AGAINST BAD GUYS W/ GUNS: As of today, BPD has seized 1,200 illegal guns and 568 people arrested for gun offenses since 1/1.” – Baltimore Police 15 June 2009

For the Baltimore Police Dept. to release these figures shows just how desperate and dishonest these guys are. Just what constitutes a bad guy with a gun? Just because you arrest someone with a gun, does this make them a bad guy? What if the gun was legally owned, and the man arrested is exonerated in court, and his gun is given back to him? What will you say then? I suppose the police are now in the business of handing out verdicts. Typical for a police state? The kind history has shown us where Secret Police ran the show. The same kind that snatched people up, even 16 year olds, and they were never seen again.

In a town were a large sum of arrests never lead to conviction, one really has to take this claim with a grain of salt. Many arrests made by Baltimore Police are thrown out because of sloppy police work, lack of evidence, no probable cause, and a host of other reasons. In short, a citizen was arrested, chances are roughed up, and imprisoned, for now valid reason. Space does not allow me to elaborate at this time, but I have before, and I will in the future. So they claim the guns were illegal, well, we’ll have to see if the prosecutors, the jury and the courts agree won’t we?

The 568 people claimed arrested, were they all indeed criminals? Should we B E L I E V E just because you say so? How many have been convicted? To claim any sort of victory, without a trial or a guilty finding is shallow, hollow, and desperate. With crime out of control, Commissioner Bealefeld is willing to do anything to convince the people of Baltimore this is not so.

Better known for harassment and false arrests, and now kidnapping, Baltimore Police do little by way of protecting and serving. More like serving their own best interest, arresting easy targets of opportunity, the proverbial low hanging fruit. When it comes to making residences feel safer, the department has been an utter failure for some time.

Seeing the Commissioner walk a foot post over the weekend on the Inner Harbor reminded me of a scene from the Titanic. As the ship sank, the orchestra played soft soothing music and pretended everything was ok. It was a show. A show of denial and deception.

I’m not sure if Bealefeld is a musician, but the next time he plans to get on stage, he really ought to add some background music, it would make his words go down easier. I’ll be glad to assist in production if he calls.

An upcoming piece will dig further into some direct lies spouted by Commissioner Bealefeld and other empty misleading claims of the Baltimore Police Department. Like the time he boldly stood in City Hall and claimed he had to hide the names of officers who shoot people because 83 threats to police were investigated last year. Of course, it wasn’t until confronted by local press that he admitted not on of the threats were related to police involved shootings.

Or like the man who witnessed say was shot in the hand by police, but mysteriously later on his shooting turned into a self inflicted wound from attempting to flee officers.

What’s next, I’m found dead and it’s deemed suicide? Nice try boys, the Baltimore Sun may buy into it, but lots of others won’t. The despicable level of official corruption and criminality surely tops anything in Chicago or New Orleans. The people just don’t know about it due to Baltimore’s lack of comprehensive media, or reporters with guts.

I guess players will keep on playing, police will keep on shooting, and Commissioners will keep on messing with numbers to justify their existence and protect their jobs. Makes it seem as if they’re actually doing something about making us safer.

Meanwhile all of the brass jump into their city owned, personally assigned take home vehicles, and get the hell outta the city when their work if done? Thought it was getting safer? Why do so many of you refuse to live here, and use our money to fund your commute? That includes you too Anthony Guglielmi. Aren’t there enough jobs closer to DC? Why have you come up here to lie to us all and attempt to lull us into a false sense of security, but meanwhile you drive 100 miles to get back to your home in Alexandria?

P.S. To the Commissioner, to the Department, to the City, or anyone else, if you don’t like what I’m writing, if you think I’ve been inaccurate or untruthful, how about suing me and taking me to court instead the usual underhanded mob style tactics you use? False arrests, the wrongful imprisonments, illegal search and seizures, continual harassment, so uncivilized. I’ve suffered it all due to the piss poor lack of professionalism, honor, or dignity regularly put on display by so many wearing the uniform of the Baltimore Police Department. Just look at the story below this one.

By the way, if you do sue, remember, in discovery, lots of records will be subpoenaed, people will be compelled to testify and lots of dirt will be exposed. So go on, keep harassing and trying to hurt, harm and discredit me. I’m just a wee little blogger remember? Let’s see what you clowns do next. How obvious will you be this time.



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A.F. James MacArthur -- American patriot & lover of liberty.

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