09 March 2009

UPDATED: The Spectator Shutting Down



We wanted to shed some light on the darkness and corruption running rampant in government. We wanted to be a different voice in the media landscape. We wanted to have some fun while doing all this and to remember to not take our selves too seriously. We wanted to be connected directly to you.

Funny how everyone always talks about how they want change and hope, but truly, in this place, there is none to be found. Hate to break it to you, but our current President, likable, and intelligent as he may be, is as hooked up to the machine of establishment politics just as much, or perhaps even more than the next guy.

Then there's Maryland. After watching Baltimore, under Martin O'Malley's leadership, slip further down a slippery slope than even the most harshest cynic could ever imagine, the people of Maryland thought he did such a great job, they decided to promote him to run the whole state.

They said, hey Martin, you did such a great job in Baltimore, with the out of control violence, the homicides, the high school drop outs, the drug addictions, the STD rates, all tops in the country, so we feel you ought to be given a chance to screw up the entire state of Maryland too. All of those phantom accomplishments and strides forward I'm still searching for. The ones to have supposedly taken place while Martin O'Malley was mayor, where did they suddenly disappear to?

I suppose the critics could be right. Sheila Dixon is so incompetent, so incapable, that everything wrong with Baltimore, had absolutely nothing to do with the last eight years preceding her. Nope, it's all her fault and it all materialized under her watch. Sure it did. I know some people who really want you to believe this. And yeah, I'm still pissed off about the snub. It just showed such immaturity and devisivness. You're supposed to be the leader of the state, and therefore by proxy, the leader of the democratic party here, and you sell out the Mayor of the largest city in Maryland just to kiss up to President Obama.

Initially, this was going to be really, really long and drawn out, but I've decided against it. Why bother? I'm not getting paid for this. A wise man often said, people get the government they deserve. So Baltimore, I hope you're happy. Maryland, this is what you get. Enjoy the deficit, the comin continued job losses, and what ever else is lurking around the corner. Oh yeah, let's not forget how what BGE has been doing to you, while your government has sat around and let them.

Rant over now.

If you're looking for me, I won't be in the bunker. Why? Who needs to live that way? Who needs the many false arrests I've experienced, only to have to fight in court to get them thrown out? Who needs to be under a constant cloud of suspicion, observation, and investigation. Oh, you thought I didn't know about the internal files? You guys must have really not checked me out as good as you thought. Not only do I know all of your tricks, I learned them from you.

I have a beautiful house, on a beautiful island, surrounded by beautiful people. Oh, and less anyone think to try anything stupid, yes, I know I have a trial coming up. No, I am not planning to flee, so don't even think about taking me in and justifying it by saying I'm some kind of flight risk. Although all my life I've always been independent, and considered myself to be as free as a bird, right now, especially these days, I feel as if my wings have been clipped.

So, first off, to all the people who have come to this site to see what's here. Sometimes so many of you came at once, the servers literally crashed from overload. To everyone who has stuck by my side. To everyone that has supported over the years. There really is so many of you, I couldn't possibly try to list you all by name, you know who you are. I say thank you, from the bottom of my heart. So long, and farewell.

O'Malley and his ilk should be happy. I'm outta here, they won!
It's been a fun ride, thanks for stopping by everyone. Enjoy Chinese Democracy, it's coming.



Anonymous said...

Wow your shutting down because you got some static from people on the Sun message board? What determination.

MJB said...

Two kinds of Baltimoreans-- If this city got bombed, would you pick up a brick and start to rebuild, or would you pack up the car and go?

Anonymous said...

First the Fat Boys break up, then The Examiner folds, and now this? All hope for truth in reporting is just gone.

Anonymous said...

So...some no-life's on the Sun's message board criticize you and you're going to take your crayons and go home? Quitter.



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