10 March 2009

Mayor Dixon vs. Rawlings-Blake

e Overtime, Increasing Crime

The Spectator Asks; Sheila Says No, Bealefeld Says So (what!), Stephanie Says WHOA! (wait a minute!)

Photos and story by A.F. James MacArthur, Managing Editor
10 March 2009 - 0600 hrs
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Exactly one month and a day ago, I asked Mayor Sheila Dixon a question that's been floating among critics; does the rise in homicides, have anything to do with reduction of police overtime? In front of cameras, and microphones, in a press conference immediately following her State of The City address, Mayor Dixon told me no (see video of interview, press play, then immediately pause, let video load into buffer, then skip to 3:57).

Of course, what was not on camera was when a few days later, at a closed door, invitation only meeting, in front of a crowded room of officials, Mayor Dixon, seeking to reassure herself in her stated answer, asked Commissioner Bealefeld if there was a correlation. The Spectator wonders, if Dixon was truly certain of her bold statement, why would she go on to ask the Commissioner?

Fast forward to today. The matter is far from settled, and the final conclusion still eludes all concerned. City Council President Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is now holding a hearing, in the very same building where Dixon stood saying there was no connection, addressing this very same question. This is interesting, because it essentially amounts to the City Council President publicly questioning and second guessing the Mayor. Sheila says no, but Stephanie wants to know.

Add this to the fact that Mayor Dixon is currently under indictment, and in a worse case scenario, Rawlings-Blake could be the appointed Mayor. One really has to "pause to ponder" (trademarked). Are we possibly seeing early public posturing to show independence from Dixon and leadership initiative? The co-sponsor of the hearing is Councilman Bernard C. "Jack" Young, another contender (although publicly denied, reliable sources tell us) for the next mayoral election. This Charm City Saga continues.


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Anonymous said...

I agree with Mrs.Blake!!!!! I think the crime in this city is bad but it has gotten worse since the police dept was cut--I recently had a 12.00 plastic chair removed from my front porch --I hear about people getting robbed and shot everyday --I feel that the city really does not want to increase our police but line thier pockets instead with fatter paychecks---maybe they need to look at that picture and relize that the safety of thier citizens are worth alot more



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