08 March 2009

Know Your Senator -- Lisa Gladden, Speaker Of The Year!


FLASHBACK: "It doesn't matter that the State of Maryland is broke, as long as Barack Obama is President of The United States." -- Lisa Gladden, MD State Senator

YESTERDAY: "I came here looking for a horse, but instead what I got was a goat, so I'm gonna put a saddle on it, and ride that thing out of here." -- ibid

Sorry, but the barnyard references yesterday was just a bit too much. What gives? City girl wishing for the country life?

After losing her efforts along with Governor O'Malley to repeal the death penalty in Maryland, Lisa Gladden had a most bizarre response. It was only ran once on the radio and never aired again.

You do that Lisa. Ride that thing straight to a communication class where you can learn to think on your feet and come up with soundbites that don't sound so far out there. Then again, you and O'Malley seem to be way out there. With so many problems facing Maryland right now, why all this time and effort pushing a measure, that the people clearly do not desire? So much for being a representative of constituents huh?

There is an open discussion at the Baltimore Sun's talk forum started by T.R. Mencken

Is O'Malley Crony Lisa Gladden A Total Imbecile?


Anonymous said...

Only in Maryland is this kind of ignorance tolerated. When will the people wake up and vote the bums out. This kinda talk, this kinda thinking is why Maryland is quickly going down the tubes. Good job voters!

Robert Brown, former MD resident now living in New Hampshire

Liz Smith said...

What do you expect from at 45 year-old that has never moved out of her parents house, never paid rent, mortgage, BGE bill, property taxes, etc? and she still travels EVERYWHERE with her mother! Lisa Gladden is socially and politically inept, much too silly and immature to be a Senator. She is always running around with her hair uncombed, and old, funky looking clothes, like she just rolled out of bed and came to a meeting. She says stupid stuff at meetings and never talks about anything in a serious manner. I hope someone decent runs against her so she can just stay at home with her mother out of eye and ear shot, and spare us from any more embarrassment.

The 41st district and the city have real problems, and all I've seen her on tv doing his slobbering all over O'Malley, sucking up to Obama, and failing to get a death penalty repeal bill, that doesn't matter to any of us, passed, while she does nothing for our district.

Anonymous said...

If it were not for Ms.Jill Carter
I leave the 41st.We have to not let
Sandy&Orks run her out.

Anonymous Too............

Anonymous said...

Gladden is an absolute fool!I hadn't seen that video.. "It doesn't matter if the state is broke as long as Obama is president. This is gonna be great.".. I almost can't believe, not only the stupid statement, but the moronic demeaner. Sheeeesh! She actually said this in response to O'Malley's having said he would have to lay off thousands of state employees. Why do members of my party keep embarrassing me? I would never be a republican, but the democrats in his state are driving me away. Voters should lay Gladden off, permanently.

Anonymous said...

This Lisa Gladden character is a nut! I don't live in her district, but from what I've learned here on the Baltimore Spectator, I see her as a complete lunatic. She does not seem fit or qualified to hold public office.

David Asher
Life time Baltimore resident



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