22 February 2009

Record Cocaine Bust Remains Shrouded In Mystery

Who, what, when, where, how? These are the typical facts a good reporter begins with, but in the case of the record setting 91 pounds of cocaine seized by Baltimore Police, very litttle is known. At this point, police are being extremely vague in details, only saying it occurred, "somewhere in Baltimore."

Several experts and residents alike are already casting a suspicious eye on the validity and truthfulness of the bust. Some even going as far suggesting the whole thing is part of an elaborate hoax to gain Commissioner Bealefeld and the Baltimore Police Department, much needed political points. At a time when the department has been under fire from many sides including City Hall, one has to wonder?

With no location, and no name of the lone individual present in the house with the $3 million dollars worth of coke, and $11,000 cash, this case is just plain ole strange. When pressed for details on the case, Commissioner Bealefeld says, "We have some ideas and frankly we're being very coy because we have some good ideas about where we're going next."

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