02 February 2015

Two Men Murdered Sunday As Killing Streak Keeps On #MobTownChronicles

City Under Siege From Murder & Mayhem -- Few Patterns Or Similarities Seen
2 February 2015

By A.F. James MacArthur 
Agitator In Chief

A car with nine bullet holes, leaving two male occupants shot, sits in front Johns Hopkins Hospital after a female passenger drove the car to the Emergency Room.  /FILE PHOTO -- MACARTHUR MEDIA

Double Shooting Leaves One Dead

Shortly after 2 p.m. Sunday, Baltimore Police responded to the 3000 block of East Monument St., for reports of a shooting. Responding officers discovered a man with at least one gunshot wound to the head. A second victim at the same location was a woman suffering from multiple gunshot wounds throughout her body.

The man died of his injuries. The woman was transported to an area hospital and is believed to be in critical condition, though police have not given an update.

Sunday's Second Shooting Scene Also Fatal 

Less than two hours after the East Baltimore double shooting, police in West Baltimore responded to reports of a man shot in the 4500 block of North Rogers Ave., near the intersection of Wabash Ave. Adjacent to Baltimore's Arlington Cemetery.

Around 3:41 p.m. officers found a man suffering from a gunshot wound to the head. He did not survive.

The shooting was less than three miles away from a fatal shooting just two days earlier. On Friday night an 18 year-old man died after being shot in the head at the 3000 block of Liberty Heights Ave.

In an article Sunday, The Baltimore Sun quoted a police spokesman expressing the relative inability of Baltimore Police to proactively combat crime in the city.
  "These incidents are isolated and not part of a major pattern, and we can't control these things." 
-- Detective Ruganzu Howard, Baltimore Police 

With Sundays two fatal victims both receiving head shots, and Saturday night's fatal victim also a head shot; in addition to Saturday night's non-fatal shooting victim being hit in the face -- a part of the head -- there is a notable deadly trend to recent shootings.

Baltimore shooters have vastly increased in accuracy and lethality. There is evidence to suggest many of the shootings are being committed at much closer range than in previous times. A mark of highly experienced killers. Unlike in the movies, rather the act as snipers far away, criminal hit men often attack their targets from very close range.

The blood of a murder stains a city sidewalk. /MACARTHUR MEDIA
City Councilman Brandon Scott was also quoted by The Baltimore Sun in the same article saying; "What we have to get away from doing is oversimplifying murders and the when and why and how..."
"...There might be some trend but the trigger factor of why it happened is different from case to case. The reason people are killing each other is starting to get outrageous."

Scott did not offer any specifics as to what reasoning he was referring to.

Once again, police offer zero details on any known suspects or motives. The typical conclusion.

With more than half of all murders in 2014 still unsolved, it appears doubtful homicide detectives will get caught up anytime soon.

Difficulty Assessing Total Death Toll

There is so much murder happening in Baltimore, an accurate count of incidents taking place has actually become a challenge. It's as if they're happening faster than they can be reported. Sunday night The Baltimore Sun placed the total homicides for the year so far at 22. They seemed to have missed a few.

This number could be correct, however The Baltimore Spectator had already tallied a total of 23 murders as of Saturday night. The last one happened an hour before midnight, on the 5300 block of Frankford Ave., when a man was shot in the head and died.

Less than an hour later at 11:54 p.m., a man was shot in the face in the vicinity of the 200 block of Mason Ct., in the Perkins Homes housing project. At last check the man was listed in critical condition.

This incident closed out one of the most violent months in a long time.

In reference to the high number of homicides this year taking place in Northeast Baltimore, Major Richard J. Worley Jr., Commander of Baltimore Police's Northeast District stated:  
 "January has been a tough month for us the past three years and this year hasn't been any different."
Despite increases in nonfatal shootings, in addition to carjackings seeing a dramatic 75%  jump, and commercial robberies up 135% compared to this time last year, close observers of statistics, including the police department and mainstream media insist overall crime is down in the city. Most residents living in affected areas would probably disagree.

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has not issued a statement regarding the unusually high spike homicide and violent crime.

Researcher, independent investigator, and entrepreneur, A.F. James MacArthur is Baltimore's most well known independent journalist contributor. A member of the underground news network for over 20 years. During this time, he's been a frequent subject of attack by government under the guise of law enforcement. Although closely watched and followed, he's often boycotted from being given any credit for his work by mainstream media.

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