17 December 2014

Mosby Committs to reforming predatory city towing ordinance

By A.F. James MacArthur
Baltimore City Councilman Nick Mosby.

Late Tuesday night, via his official Twitter social media account, in a public posting, Baltimore City Councilman Nick Mosby, told The Baltimore Spectator he is committed to exploring legislation to modify the little known, but much hated law, that's caused great inconvenience and financial strain to city residents.

You would think having your vehicle properly licensed and registered, legally parked and on a street near your home should prevent your vehicle from being impounded. Not in Baltimore. Due to an ill defined, ill conceived, ill applied ordinance, that the city makes no effort to inform residents about, aimed at keeping our streets free of abandoned vehicles, many Baltimoreans find out the hard way; if you don't move your car every 48 hours, the city considers it abandoned and it's subject to being ticketed and towed.

James MacArthur really hates being towed,
 Carpool or use public transit for your daily commute, with your car mostly being used on weekends? Under the law you're a violator deserving to have pay hundreds of dollars in punitive impound, towing administrative and storage fees. So much for the money you thought you were saving by carpooling.

This is an early version of the story. Check back as more details are added and hopefully further remarks from Councilman Mosby.


Researcher, independent investigative journalist, and entrepreneur, A.F. James MacArthur has been a member of the underground news network for over 20 years. During this time, he's been a frequent subject of attack by government officials under the guise of law enforcement. Although closely watched and followed, he's often boycotted from being given any credit for his work by mainstream media.

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