04 October 2012

Sometimes I Have A Lot To Say

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For anyone of my over 2000 followers on Twitter, seeing me suddenly launch into a spontaneous rant is hardly shocking. Matter of fact, if it goes too long in between vitriolic tirades, there's folks who actually check on me asking if everything's OK. It was never my mission, but since joining the social media network, I've since been largely defined by this habit.

To those who relish these rants, this morning was did not disappoint. They got an early morning fix of me shooting from the hip as I fired away into the Twitterverse. Funny thing, with these outbursts I'm never sure where they may lead nor when they'll end. Being consciously aware that folks are busy and have little tolerance to never ending diatribe, I make a conscious effort to curb the stream of consciousness.

Come to think about it, I suppose my ability to go on and on is what made me good at talk radio. Some of you reading this have no doubt heard me on local radio. My experience and catalog of radio work is much more vast than what's easily discoverable via internet sources. Indeed, I started in radio, more specifically talk radio, long before radio was online.

Much of my audio archives exist on dusty old cassette tapes and CD's sitting in some moldy box in a damp basement somewhere.

When it comes to blogging, I'm mediocre at best. Infrequent updates and sporadic posts following no theme or rhythm have come to characterize my style.

Ironically, I know all the secrets to being a good blogger and building an audience of loyal followers. Adhering to this is another story. I imagine  it also exposes some of what my motivations for doing this may or may not be.

A lot of my "media" work, whether writing, speaking or radio or recording podcasts, twitter, facebook etc., are for deeply personal reasons having little to do with building an audience. If for some reason you've managed to read this far, I sincerely thank you. For those of you who've followed me through one medium or another for some time, I'm glad you're along for the ride. I make no guarantees about the future except to say: it ain't over yet.

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