26 October 2012

FADED HOPE: How Obama Is Losing Voters

By A.F. James MacArthur Ph.A.L.

Barack ObamaPresident Obama currently trails Mitt Romney in virtually every poll. A few polls show the president near tied with the Republican challenger, but where he's ahead, it's only by a few points.

For die hard Democrats, the current state of reality is an utter shock to the senses. With the election less than two weeks away, and early voting already started, few will admit it, but Obama supporters are starting to worry. The mere thought of the great anointed one possibly losing his re-election bid, is likely to cause those with weak hearts to cash in Obamacare chips and run out to see their doctors.

The public persona of the typical Obama supporter exudes immense pride, confidence and determination. Ask them who's going to win, and with the beaming pride like a school child who was just awarded a gold star, they'll jubilantly exclaim to you, "Obama of course!" You would have to get one alone in private to see beyond the puffed up false bravado, which though appearing genuine, like gold plating on cheap steel, its presence is only on the surface, but underneath lies something else entirely.
"I'm not going to vote for someone just because his skin is the same color as mine." 
The truth is, after the president lost the first debate via knockout punch from Mitt Romney, Barack Obama's once commanding lead has slowly eroded away. Although Obama fared considerably better in the subsequent debates, for many Americans, likely voters, particularly the undecided, it was too late. Like the economy, despite appearances, there was no true recovery.

One line zingers and condescending attitudes only go so far once people have already seen you naked. It's true, the emperor has no clothes. Romney smacked Obama so hard during the first debate, he was exposed for what he really is to the American people. Like 23 million Americans, the whole "Hope and Change" thing is no longer working.

Certainly Americans desire to see hope and change, but after four years of the reality that has become life in these United States, many still seek change, and truly hope they'll see it one day. In their hearts, they know they still haven't found what they're looking for.

What many of them have concluded is really quite simple; if a president can truly deliver these things, and it's questionable if any president really can, this president is not the one who will. As such, a growing number of one time supporters of President Obama, are likely to not give him another chance.


"I really don't know what to do right now. I've never been in this position before." Melissa (not her real name), struggled to hold back tears as she sat in my office sharing how her lights had been turned off just hours before our meeting. She's been unable to pay the bill. "I'm probably going to have to get a second job, maybe even give up the house." For a young single mom, these were not promising possibilities.

A college graduate and former state government employee, Melissa recently had to drop out of a masters program after losing her job as a result of budget cutbacks. Four years ago, she was proud to cast her ballot, for who she knew for sure would be America's first Black president. Fast "forward" four years later, she's lost a lot of that excitement.

After what seemed like a lifetime of searching for work, sending out countless resumes, filling out endless applications, a certain level of desperation and despair begun to set in. She told me things had gotten so bad before she found a part time warehouse position, she was willing to do almost anything to be able to take care of her two children.

Hers is among one of the many "new jobs" Democrats like Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley are so fond of touting as being created as a result of their policies and leadership. What's often lost from the free wheeling oratories and catchy news soundbites, is the deeper sense of what's really going on.

Many of the so called "new jobs" are a poor replacement for the ones that were lost. Fact is, the new jobs do just that for the workers, it leaves them poor. Working poor. Ever notice you rarely hear what kind of jobs are supposedly being created? Yet a raw analysis of statistics allows boastful politicians to declare they've done something great.

"I'm not going to vote for someone just because his skin is the same color as mine." Melissa made it very clear, this time around she has no intentions of voting for Barack Obama. While undecided about challenger Mitt Romney, she was certain of who she wasn't voting for. Pressed further, she stated she may not even vote at all.


This real life example of a former Obama voter, is likely a story similar story, to that of many of the votes the president has lost. You may never hear these stories via mainstream media outlets, but it's not because they don't exist. Truth is, there are many reasons these sad revelations are being suppressed from your knowing.

For a sitting president to be so closely matched in polls as Obama has been for weeks now, is clear danger sign for the president, to any astute observer of politics. At this point, an incumbent should be far ahead in every poll.

Funny how when initially Obama had a clear lead, Democrats had no problem with polling. The accuracy of representing the American people and likely voters was never questioned. Statements alluding to the meaningless measure polls represent were never heard. Suddenly once the pendulum has swung, they're now singing a different song.

Democrats would do well to embrace a certain level of intellectual honesty. To learn to differentiate the difference between desire and destiny. The thing about reality is, despite how much we may want things to be different, it's hard to pretend and talk tough, when you're sitting sad in a dark, cold house at night, thinking of how much things have changed and how hope has faded. For many Americans, the only hope they have the audacity to dream of, is that moving forward, change may come with a different man in the White House. They can only hope.
A.F. James MacArthur, a Black man for most of his life, believes the only hope of mankind is faith in God. An ordained minister, he occasionally doles out life coaching and advice, but don't tell anyone, he's busy enough as it is. He may be reached at 410-205-NEWS (6397) voice or text message, MacArthurMedia@gmail.com, and followed on numerous social media, including: @BaltoSpectator on twitter , Spreaker web radioBlogTalk RadioBaltimore Spectator on Facebook,YouTube channel

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