19 June 2009

Bodymore Chronicles, City As Dangerous As Ever

By A.F. James MacArthur Ph.A.L.

@BaltimorePolice DOUBLE SHOOTING: Reported @ Northern Pkwy / York Rd. 2 adults shot during possible carjacking. Police investigating 15 minutes ago from txt

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Seriously Baltimore, are we still buying the notion that crime is down? Hate to beat a dead horse, but really? They must think we are, cuz Sheila D and Freddy B are still out saying it ain’t so bad.

I’m seriously thinking about setting up a squatters camp on the inner harbor. This is my last resort to feel safe in this city. God knows I don’t feel that way now. Considering this morning on my way down Greenmount Ave. the first shooting happened.

Now tonight, moments after I step in the house having just come off York road from a walk, boom, this happens. ANOTHER ONE!

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ThomasPaine said...

Shine tha light! Shine tha light!



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