28 February 2009

Governor O'Malley In Trouble -- Could Lose Big!

Budget deficit, faltering state economy, numerous other issues:

"In Maryland, Democrats have gotten us to this point, and I'm convinced there's going to be this throw-the-bums-out mentality. I would be worried if I were an incumbent," -- Doug Duncan, former County Executive of Montgomery County who dropped out of the 2006 Democratic gubernatorial primary.

The words of a party insider democrat.

The State of Maryland is in a mess. A very big mess. Baltimore city, is in an even bigger mess. Baltimore city's mess is part of the legacy of eight years of Martin O'Malley's rule. Now Mr. O'Malley is Governor, and quite honestly, if he runs the state the way he ran Baltimore, we will not survive.

You know things are bad when even a long time Maryland democrat stalwart like Doug Duncan is starting to get worried. The days of Baltimore city and Maryland voters automatically voting democrat may be coming to an end. Remember, a year ago, when Bush's approval rating was down in the dumps, democrat Maryland gave Governor O'Malley and even lower rating than Bush.

Something to think about

The Governor Hates Me! -- Original Video

FLASHBACK: Majority Democrat Maryland Rates O'Malley Lower Than Bush

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