03 February 2009

Carolina Sheriff Seeks To Charge Phelps

In the ongoing drama surrounding Michael Phelps' out of the pool antics, seems now he could possibly face criminal charges. ---- read more


DAinVA said...

The law is the law. Possession and/or smoking marijuana is ILLEGAL! And, there does seem to be a pattern here with Michael Phelps. He's already been charged previously with a DUI. But, because he's a "role model" to our youth, we should just look the other way??? Or, just excuse his behavior because, hey, "he's young" and everybody does it??? No wonder our society is going down the tubes!

RavFan said...

In the eyes of the law how can anyone prove there was marijuana in the "bong"? So what is the sheriff's case. This guy is just trying to gain a bit of fame.



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