31 January 2009

Crime Solution -- Less Talk More Action -- Police Commissioner Bealefeld

Click here to see the interview: What's Up Baltimore? -- Commissioner Bealefeld Interview (full story) **Exclusive** from MacArthur Media on Vimeo.

When asked about the climbing murder rate in Baltimore City, Commissioner Bealefeld claimed overall violent crime to be down. He said we should not focus on the homicide rate or other statistical data, but instead on the root causes of violence.

The Commissioner called on much greater community involvement, challenging the community to be more involved, particularly with young people.

For years, the police department and city hall officially denied having a gang problem, but at the Voice Against Violence rally, Bealefeld spoke directly about the attraction gangs hold for city youth. Referring to the lack of viable options for youth drawn to gangs, Bealefeld said "we need a lot of people involved."

"Stop talking about it, and start doing something about it," was the repeated plea to the city from the Police Commissioner.

filed by A.F. James MacArthur

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Anonymous said...

How's it an exclusive if he was at a public event covered by most media in town? An exclusive is if you get an interview with someone that no one else can get. We'll take you a little more seriously if you don't plaster a phone call to Jack Young and a Fred Bealefeld interview at a public event as *exclusives*

The Editors said...

Editors response: The Commissioner gave a speech and was trying to quickly leave. Our interview with him was the **ONLY** interview he gave that day. I challenge you to point to another interview with him from that rally to go with your assertion of it not being exclusive.

Anonymous said...

To be honest, this is the first time I have ever seen the police, or anyone else from Baltimore government give an interview to a blogger.

Anonymous said...

the point that i think is trying to be made is that bealefeld, by media standards, is available for interviews. it's not like he's in hiding and you tracked him down. you wouldnt see TV and newspapers touting an exclusive with him when he's not saying anything that he hasn't already said or didnt say to the assembled crowd that day.

but yes, a website should probably consider it a success to land such an interview..

Anonymous said...

Good work, James!

Anonymous said...

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