12 February 2015

What Can Baltimore City Government Officials Learn From the CEO of Japan Airlines?

Before reading this, just stop what you're doing and take a couple minutes to watch this video. It should leave you in awe. Who knew this quality of leader still existed in the world?
Celebrity, or servant of the people?
Baltimore City is struggling they say. A huge stir was caused when newly installed Governor Larry Hogan announced education cuts for the city.
The fact is, Baltimore has the highest property taxes in the state, yet city government has chosen time and time again to give those who can most afford to pay their share -- large corporations and developers -- sweetheart deals and tax breaks that are the true cause of lost funding. 
Why would anyone imagine it to be a good idea to have corporations pay virtually no taxes?
Sadly, when things get tight in Baltimore, services affecting citizens are cut. But officials continue to get raises and retain benefits packages valued well above those of the majority of the people they "serve."
Imagine if the mayor and other "leaders" took a lesson from the CEO of Japan Airlines and cut their pay, perks and benefits?
The honest humility and common sense pragmatism of this man is so honorable and inspiring, unlike anything you would ever see from entitled, city government elected officials like Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. She continues to expand her staff, and increase personal perks.
True leaders put others first. They sacrifice their own benefits and comfort for the good of the people.
Let's not even bring in any comparison to the typical, greedy American, elitist corporate pig. The kind who will ensure his own personal top earnings, even if his company and employees fall flat. 
There's something very wrong about the way we do business in this country. Perhaps there are things we can learn from those in a country that's existed far longer than our own.




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A.F. James MacArthur -- American patriot & lover of liberty.

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