10 July 2010

KILL ZONE: 58,000 Dogs Killed In Last Three Months In Iraqi Capital

With Security Issues Stabilized, Hussein Era Animal Atrocities Resume
NOTE: Despite numerous rumors and murmurings to the contrary, managing editor A.F. James MacArthur is still covering and producing local Baltimore news, commentary and editorials.  Stay tuned for a series of installments via InvestigativeVoice.com and right here at The Baltimore Spectator.

By A.F. James MacArthur Ph.A.L.

UPDATE 1408 hrs est: The AP published a story AFTER this report giving more details than were available when we published originally.  It states there are 1.25 million stray dogs in Baghdad.  The Drudge Report has also just picked up the story.

Claiming a rise in fatal dog attacks on humans, officials in Baghdad say 20 teams made up of shooters and veterinarians roam the streets daily, shooting and poisoning the many strays in the city.  Of course, no one has given the hard stats and figures on this supposed rise in fatal attacks on humans, but no worries, this is Iraq after all, so it's certain everything is above board and on the up and up.

Iraq once well known for numerous human rights violations (sorry Bush haters, it's true), seems to have reverted back to an old Saddam Hussein policy of shooting strays on sight.  You wonder how many escaped or missing pets get caught up in the dragnet? In Iraq, if your pet accidentally got out, chances are, you'd never see it again.  Oops, sorry little girl, we didn't mean to shoot Barney.
“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”-- Mahatma Gandhi 
After the the United States invaded in 2003, the wanton dog killing slowed down while more pressing issues were tended too.  However, since 2008, the doggy death program has silently been revived. The last three months were particularly deadly for the desert dogs.

Having spent several years working full time in animal control as an officer, cruelty investigator, and even once acting in the role of game warden, this story is very disturbing.  Any animal lover or pet owner should be deeply saddened by this approach.
FULL  DISCLOSURE: A life long swashbuckler, the author was once  part of a team that hunted down, and eventually shot and killed a rabid fox, that threateningly approached, then Vice President, Dick Cheney and his family (TRUE STORY!).

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