25 June 2010

FUNDING FRAUD -- CA Gov. Schwarzenegger Bans Welfare Cards At Casinos

Could This Happen In Maryland?

An LA Times special report revealed welfare recipients in California had withdrawn nearly $2 million dollars since October, at casino ATM's using state issued welfare debit cards .

Apparently the report only has figures from that point, but one has to wonder how widespread has the abuse been. How much money did this cost the already broke and bankrupt California revenue system.

Reacting to the report, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger issued an executive order banning such use. For the time being the Governator will have to rely on the honor system for compliance. Apparently the technology is not readily in place to bar ATM withdrawals from casino ATM’s. The order asked welfare recipients to sign a pledge stating they will only use public assistance money to purchase basic family necessities.

Will be interesting to see what happens next. Since card holders can simply go to say a 7-11 ATM across the street, withdraw some cash, THEN go to the casino, the order seems virtually unenforceable.

I can't help but wonder if such a future awaits the soon coming Maryland slots and gaming? What am I thinking, it's already happening. Half the people clogging up the line at my local corner store buying scratch offs are no doubt on welfare.

Truly, one can get upset thinking of your taxpayer dollars paying for others to gamble with, but get real. What do you think you're government's doing every day?

Gotta love it!

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