17 July 2009

Friday Funk, Untitled Rambling Rant!

If this is Charm City, then perhaps many of the residents, particularly those living within the confines of the more exclusive Mobtown enclaves need a little refresher remedial course. I know some of you move to these neighborhoods so you don’t have to see folks who look like me. Never mind that Baltimore is 70% black, there’s nothing wrong with creating your own little haven within the hell that is Baltimore for so many.

When I’m out for a walk and you see me coming, there’s no need to clutch your handbags. Hurrying your pace won’t help much either. Really it’s rather pointless. Kinda like when swimming with sharks (I’ve done it!). Moving faster in a vain attempt to avoid perceived danger will not actually save you from attack, if that’s what’s coming. If I wanted to get you I could. Besides being a former track runner and football player, I’m still pretty quick. Point is, you’re ok, no really, I won’t hurt you, promise.

Then there are those of you with the nervous smile and the forced wave. Hey, I appreciate the effort. Even when your gesture seems as phony as a flight attendant at the end of trip, at least your trying.

Crossing the street is another move. I suppose when you’re not down at the Inner Harbor where the police would hassle someone like me, for your “protection,” especially if, God forbid, there were a few of us together (they’d call it a gang), you wind up being not quite sure what to do.

Relax though, it’s ok really. There’s nothing to worry about. There won’t be a major influx of us moving into the neighborhood anytime soon. Thanks to a variety of social and economic issues, most of us will remain beaten up, broken down and disillusioned, unable to figure out how to rise up above it all. We’ll be stuck in the neighborhoods where kids play on playgrounds where just moments before dead bodies laid.

The alleyways filled with trash is a version of colorful landscaping. After all, when you have a teeny lil house, with no yard, chances are, you have no where to store trash cans with a weeks worth of garbage. Guess that leaves some people little choice. Toss it out! Where? Anywhere! When? Anytime!

When you’ve been treated like garbage for generations, when your life is demonstrated to be worthless, when the Mayor and the Police continually refer to you in sub-human condescending terms, how can one be expected to aim high? And you call that charming?




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To all those who willfully, deliberately and routinely violate the civil rights of law abiding American Citizens; Yes, you're powerful. Sure, you're everywhere. But this is still America, and the Constitution of the United States Of America still reigns supreme as the law of the land. The Baltimore Spectator will vigorously and aggressively defend against any and all attempts at spying and suppression. Let it be known to all that we are already aware of the regular monitoring and shadowing attempts. There is nothing to hide, but cross the line and there will be hell to pay.

In the end, efforts to impinge upon the freedoms of the people will ultimately fail. Some of us may get taken out in the ongoing battle for true and lasting freedom, but as I've said many times before, and will say till the day I die or get taken out by you goons, THERE ARE MORE OF US, THAN THERE ARE OF YOU.

A.F. James MacArthur -- American patriot & lover of liberty.

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